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About the department

In January 2008 the state institution "Institute of Oncology at the Medical Sciences Academy of Ukraine" went over submission of Ministry of Health Protection of Ukraine and was renamed into "National Institute of Cancer at the Ministry of Health Protection of Ukraine". 
National Institute of Cancer is located at 02033 Kyiv, Lomonosov Str., 33/43. The medical facility of this type is unique in Ukraine. Children from all over Ukraine arrive here for treatment. They often have extensive-stage diseases. 
In 1968 there was finished the construction of the buildings for the Institute of Oncology in Lomonosov Street. The institute buildings consisted of an administrative unit, laboratories, policlinics and an in-patient hospital. The Institute of Oncology (which previously had been located in a small building downtown) moved to Lomonosov Street in May 1968. Originally beds for children were placed in different departments. In 1969 Children's Department was created as a separate department and hosted 5 beds. Later the Department was enlarged and hosted 27 beds.  
In February 2012 the Childhood Cancer Department moved to a new operating corps on the second floor. The Departemnt is designed to keep 38 beds. At the Department there are 6 one-bed rooms and 16 two-bed rooms. Four of them are intensive therapy rooms. Each block has a bathroom. The Department has 2 dressing rooms, a manipulation room, 2 sentinel posts, a playroom, a rehabilitation room. In the policlinics building there is an appointment office. Also there is a guest house with family rooms for 10 beds. The Children's Department has a modernly equipped operating hall, 2 computer tomographs, MR-imager, equipment for osteoscintigraphy, expert class ultrasound apparatus , children's cysto-, gastro- and bronchoscopes. In the process of diagnostics the modern methods are used: defining oncogenes, infectious agents by means of PCR method real time, FISH-hybridization, flow cytometry, enzyme immunoassay. 
Treatment of children at the Childhood Cancer Department is conducted according to the medical programs recommended by the Ministry of Health Protection of Ukraine and developed on the basis of modern European clinical protocols. In 2002 there were introduced some transplantation methods for treatment (such as stem cell support, bone marrow transplantation) which accompany chemotherapy. 
The staff of the Childhood Cancer Department consists of 5 oncologists, 4 researchers, 2 anesthesiologist, 14 nurses, 2 medical psychologist, 2 rehabilitation therapist, a supervisor (educator). More than 400 children from all regions of Ukraine  undergo medical treatment here annually. Children between the ages of 0 and 18 with all types of solid malignancies get treated here. The office of consultation appointments registers around 3,500 visits each year. 
The first head of the Children's Department was Voinov Yevgeniy Aleksandrovyich. The head of the Department is above all responsible for scientific work. Direct functioning of the Department is established by the manager of the Department. This position took the following professionals: 
Buryanov Anatoliy Fedorovich, the head of the Children's Department.
Kanonenko Nikolay Grigirievich, the head of the Children's Department. 
Tokarskyy Nikolay Serafimovich, the manager of the Children's Department.
Butenko Andrey Konstantinovich, the head of the Children's Department. 
(Acting) Glukhovskaya Irina Yurievna, the head of the Children's Department.
(Acting) Balitskaya Oksana Vladimirovna, the manager of the Children's Department. 
At the moment: 
Klymniuk Grygoriy Ivanovych, the head of the Children's Department.  
Pavlyk Sergey Vladimirovich, the manager of the Children's  Department. 
Phones: Children's Department (044) 259-01-85. 
Suite 301 - Children's Department appointment room (044) 360-94-83.
e-mail: 301kab@bk.ru
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