National Cancer Institute

National Cancer Institute is the leading medical establishment inUkraine. It provides examination, treatment and check-up for children with dense solid tumors from all over Ukraine.


This is the Foundation's main Project.

Comparing the work of foundations and organizations in our country and abroad, it can be seen that we are, mostly, improving patients' everyday life, trying to bring them a bright ray of light, a joyful occasion; we find money to buy them medicines and disposables and to better equip their hospital department. Abroad, they solve these issues at state expense. European funds and organizations direct all their efforts at children's rehabilitation; they monitor the way children live after the illness; they work with parents a lot; psychological help and social services are well developed there. However, nowhere diverse issues of children's oncology are solved only by state efforts.


The Project's Goal is to help organize and equip the department so that in the process of treatment the department's patients are comfortable and safe; so that they receive free preparations and disposables; so that examinations and nesessary procedural applications are available.



The Project Carries Out:

  1. Purchase of necessary medicines and medical goods.
  2. Purchase of medical disposables.
  3. Purchase of necessary equipment and chemical agents.
  4. Necessary repairs to the department and improvement of conditions of patients' stay.
  5. Purchase of  potassium chloride solution for the department.
  6. Paying phone bills for Room 301 (initial visit room).
  7. Paying for the Internet access in the department. 
  8. Delivery of drinking water to the department.
  9. Servicing the aquarium in the department.
  10. Holding festive events in the department.
  11. Holding creative classes, master classes, outings.
  12. Publications for parents on the oncology problem.
  13. Individual help.
  14. Holding of annual "Winners in Life" meetings.


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