Rymma Zyubina.

9 January 2023

Meet Rymma Zyubina. Rymma is our Fund’s Ambassador now.  Once, in August 2008, “Star Media” Company invited the actress to take part in our Fund’s project, “The Star Day”.  This was about a Star who would spend at least an hour in the children’s oncology ward without media coverage.  Then, we got to know about some actors’ secrets and stories, we played Chinese whispers in a new manner, and Rymma read aloud a fairy tale in such a manner that not only children listened to her attentively but adults, too.  That was a charming acquaintance that grew into warm friendship!

Now, Rymma visits the ward as soon as we invite her. Every time, we laugh, make jokes, remember our first meeting, and every time Rymma is a powerful support and relief for parents and children in the ward. When close to her, you just want to straighten your back and stop complaining. Your strength surges as if by itself.   

Every year, Rymma spend the first Friday of July with us. She always adjusts her schedule to be able to take part in “Winners In Life” reunions. She says this is more important for her than for the Winners, that she is learning from them how to treasure, love, and accept life the way it is, and never to give up.   On the first Friday of July, “Winners In Life” reunions are attended by those who underwent treatment in the Children’s Oncology Department of the National Cancer Institute.  Rymma is the MC of concerts during these reunions and talks and makes acquaintance with everyone.   
Thank you for giving us your light! 

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