22 April 2021

Thursday is the CineLobby day. Every Thursday, we put on a big screen, a projector, sound is arranged, spectators take their seats on puff chairs, grab their popcorn, and start watching an animated cartoon. For some, this is their first experience of a movie theater, and they are just learning how not to create  inconveniences for the others. For some, this is a chance to relive the experience they had before. You can come with a rolling stand and watch the movie while their regular solution is dripping. We thank everyone who helped equip this place: Olena Lukyanova and the UAE Ukrainian community, "Sanchobag" Company, Valentyna Mikhova, and "Blest" Company.  

Today, we are watching the danish animated adventure, "Dreambuilders". Once, a girl Nina gets a miraculous superpower: to build dreams for other people. So we are learning to influence our daydreams through dreams that we see in our sleep.  
"Pumpidup" is our popcorn sponsor. 

"You can't just up and stop posting the fluffy.

"You are mistaken here, boss! Holy nightmares!

"The coolest, most powerful, hippiest sweater in the entire world."  

"Thanks but no thanks."

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