22 March 2021

Today is the creativity day and everyone chooses a creative set - cover, bas-relief, coloring sets, modeling. We develop our artistic abilities, a color sense, feel like a designer, relax and enjoy creativity. Creating an original cover, paint a picture that is made in the "anti-stress" technique. Plaster figures are cast in the cliché form with sculptural plaster, painted and glued with magnetic tape. Velvet coloring with felt-tip pens can be done in two techniques. The velvet contour of the drawing clearly defines the border of the drawing, gives the surface texture. Everyone will be able to paint accurately. Set for sculpting with a little secret - the figure will be able to move if you insert a part in the middle, which is in the set. In general, each set has everything you need for creativity.
Thank you Anna Bohun and Rotary Club "Sofia" for creative support!

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