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The International Day Of Charity.

It is the International Day of Charity today. Ten years ago this Day was established bu the United Nations General Assembly with the aim to draw attention to people s problems connected to poverty and humanitarian crises. However, in 2022, instead of solving its own crisis problems, the Russian... Далее

Creation Day.

Today is the day of independent creation. We offer a set for making bracelets. The decoration may be made for youtrself, for your mum, or for anyone else as a present. The set contains all that is necessary, and the bos may serve as a chest. Everyone chooses their own time and mood for the... Далее

Cinema day.

Friday in our Cinema Lobby - we watch cartoons on the big screen. Today in the Ukrainian voice of a British-American three-dimensional animated fantasy film "Ron s Gone Wrong". Barney dreams of a b-bot - an intelligent robot that can talk, to conduct social networks and knows everything in the... Далее

Daily routine.

The Pediatric Oncology Department is filled with children. Someone decides and goes abroad for treatment, someone categorically wants to be treated only in their country, someone has life obstacles to leave. We continue to help with the departure, to help in everyday life and support in the... Далее


Surprisingly, sweets from "Zhytomyr sweets" have become a favorite among the military, who, thanks to Iryna Oleksandrivna, are regular donors for patients of the National Cancer Institute. So we think we miscalculated the need, because they are eaten too quickly. Thank you for your delicious help!... Далее

Art Studio.

We have 13 parrots today. This is the number of three-dimensional figures of birds made of foam painted in the class with Nastya Badykina. Nastia is an intern at the Cancer Institute. Today, after the practice, we had fun with creative inspiration. Some took the task responsibly and googled images... Далее

Creative Day.

Following the instructions, you can sew such a bear by yourself. Everything you need is inside the kit. You can add creativity to hospital life at a convenient time and set the mood. And also in the Department again asked not to forget to wear protective masks. We are resuming the issuance of... Далее

Cinema Day.

Today at the Cinema Foyer we watched Pixar s cartoon "Soul" with Ukrainian voiceover. Joe Gardner, a high school music teacher, finally gets a successful audition for the famous jazz quartet. In his joy, he fails to notice an open manhole in the road and falls there, ending up on a ladder into the... Далее

Letters from California.

These letters were delivered to us in the mail from California. Letters of hope and support for children ages 10-11. With faith in Ukraine! With support for the cancer kids in their fight! The story began in late April with a letter from David Robinson. He works for Apple, and this company, with... Далее

Art Studio.

On a national holiday, creative work in the colors of the national flag! From natural materials we fantasize over a floral panel. Our yellow and blue flowers are cones. This is the idea for the master-class with Alena Strekanova and Lesya Maksaeva. According to the general creative reflections,... Далее

Creative day.

Today, the kit includes clous for self creativity. - And where is the hammer? - Artem asked. Everyone will have their own curiosity - whether it s a clou or a shark s design. We decorate the diagram with small sharks with sequins. And special clous are needed to attach the colored sequins to the... Далее

Cinema day.

What would you do if one day you found a real yeti on the roof of your house? The brave girl Yi quickly finds a common language with a frightened yeti baby who escaped from a secret laboratory and decides to help him be back home - back to Everest. We have the cartoon "Abominable" in the cinema... Далее

Hospital clowns.

In general, the Captain and Tosha had to take a selfie with everyone today. But it seems that they will not succeed... We decided to have a party because today is Irochka s birthday! Five years is a serious date, you can already make wishes, make plans. That s what we were doing...

Art Studio.

Together with Lyudmila Strezh prepared three anti-stress balls today: with starch to listen; with millet to tactilely interact, play; transparent ball with an orb to watch. And everyone received a ready-made squash for their hands and chose a gift from the box. A lot of strange words, but an... Далее

Creative day.

On the creative day, we offer working on an applique. There is a ready-made image and details that need to be glued correctly and carefully. The image acquires a 3D effect. Svitlana Zhukovina, your creative support is still working! Only you can find such creative sets.
Сортировка: Показывать новостей из 2131
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