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Art Studio.

Today at the master class with Alena Strekanova we created funny lambs. Some of us had enough time and patience to make a family-flock. Thanks Tatiana Odnorog for help with materials for anti-stress toys.

Creative day.

String Art - thread graphics is a modern art of graphics. The composition is created from stretched threads on a solid material - a base that plays the role of the background. Today everyone has nails, threads and images of animals and canvas in their creative kits. We are engaged in thread design.


Weekend and the beginning of the new week we are on the road again. Working travels. Now our border crossings are no longer connected with taking children for treatment in another country. Logistics in this area is different now than in the first months of the war. But we are still involved... Далее

Cinema day.

Today is Cinema Day for us. Due to a meteor shower, space traveler Willy is separated from his parents and finds himself on an unfamiliar planet. The young explorer finds himself among the wild jungle and its fantastic inhabitants. Now Willy and his robot Buck will have to learn to survive in an... Далее

Alyona Strekanova.

Meet Alyona Strekanova. Alyona is always happy to conduct master classes. There are always ideas, materials, the sample is also made quickly. It seems that her world is art and decor. She is inspired by life itself. Although she was the head of the Information Service Department of the Bank, she... Далее

Art Studio.

Today at the master class we created a wonderful decoration - an autumn wreath. We fantasized under the guidance of Alen Strekanov, with the provision of sets for decoration and explanation of individual actions. Inspiration came during the work and even the wreath was called a talisman.

Creative day.

For many people puzzles are a special love. Periodically people come to us with a request to give something to put together. Moreover, we have puzzles that are used by more than one fan. Today, everyone has their own puzzles, personal ones. They were chosen according to age. Although, Vika and... Далее

Anya Shevchuk.

Let us introduce Anya Shevchuk to you. When a child, Anya was a patient of the children s department of the National Cancer Institute. Today, she works in the notarial sphere and is our representative at the international organization, CCI Europe. The foundation was founded when whe had already... Далее


We are watching the Ukrainian-dubbed animation film, "Tangled". Flinn, the loveable bandit, moves along his life easily until once he chooses a high tower for "quiet" retreat. Flinn finds himself tangled, arms and feet, by the young beasuty, Rapunzel. Locked in the tower, Rapunzel is desperate for... Далее

Maryna Kruh.

Let us introduce Maryna Kruh to you. Maryna believes that everything can be dreamed up, and you can come to your goal through drawing. She believes that everyone can drawe, and drawing skills are important for this. Since 2018, Maryna has taken part in creation lessons in our department. Maryna is... Далее


The wooden prefabs are ready to be painted, and then we add decorations and assemble them in a single composition. A little angel with a heart. Today, we have a class of making hand-made things of everyone s own, with a life hack from Alyona Strekanova.

Creation Day.

During this day of free ctreation, we are composing an applique. Soft figures of various volumes are in the set, and they should be used to create a collage. And the creative approach has to be of their own for everyone, and this leads to unexpected things.

Giving Blood.

At the trnsfusiology department, before you give blood, you can have some sweet tea with a cookie. This offer is not a chance one. Even the smallest piece of cheese, a sip of milked or creamed coffee, a slice of bread with five grams of butter, no-far yoghurt, a banana or an egg will influence... Далее


The animation film, "Monsters On Vacation 3: The Sea Is Calling" is on in our CineLobby. Dracula s daughter organizes summer vacations for family and nearest friends on board a cruise liner for monsters. Mavis does not know that the cruise is a trap for Dracula devised by Erica van Helsing, the... Далее


It used to be a talisman in the past, and now it is popular as an ethnic decoration: we are making a dreamcatcher. Olena Aleynyk had prepared a ring made of vine for everyone. We put threads around it, then we make a web of threads in the middle of the ring, attach various beads, and some... Далее
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