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Lesia Maksaieva.

Meet Lesia Maksaieva. In her creative classes, Lesia gives attention to the combination of colours and composition. It is impossible to fail or spoil the work in her classes. She helps, comes up with ideas, and gives advice. She lives by creativity and is always ready to deliver classes. Lesia is... Далее


Hurray! Transfusiology department with new windows. 19 window constructions were replaced. Thank everyone who contributed. Thank you, Ivan! Now we can slowly make repairs. We trust the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Air Defense. Please join in! PayPal -


This year we have the sixth request for payment for rehabilitation. And we are very happy about it! We are glad that there are centers that are not afraid of children after treatment with cancer diagnosis. And when parents see the result and children are satisfied, we are ready to ask for help... Далее

Inna Dashchenko.

Meet Inna Dashchenko. Accounting questions - fully her responsibility. Inna is aware of finances and documents of the Foundation. Ofcourse, due to her professionalism, she could just deal with papers. But in addition to accounting, she is actively engaged in the support of the Courage Necklace... Далее

Everyday routine.

Serhiy also wanted to see a rehabilitator at the orthopedic clinic Karolina Medical Center in Warsaw. Nazar, who paid for a course there in June, was very pleased and felt a significant improvement in his condition. He had to wait for a specialist and has been taking classes for a week now. Thanks... Далее

Lilya Ratushna.

Meet Lilia Ratushna. We met in the hospital when her son Stanislav was in the Pediatric Oncology Department of the National Cancer Institute. Eight years have passed since the treatment was finished. The family had to take care of the expenses on their own, but they allowed us to help and support... Далее


We are preparing the Transfusiology Department of the National Cancer Institute for winter. We start with the windows to be in time for the cold weather. Then there will be a room where platelets will be taken. It should be cozy, because the donor spends an average of two hours here. We need your... Далее


While we are not allowed to enter the Department, parents come to our office. We solve different needs. Everyone says that children are waiting for hospital clowns, master classes and cartoons. But we are waiting for permission from the administration. And parents remain our assistants in case... Далее

Yulia Volkova.

Meet Yulia Volkova - a volunteer of the Foundation since 2016. Yulia is a 3D Designer by profession and creates architectural visualizations. She likes to create something useful, beautiful and cool with her hands. So she shares this skill at creative classes in the Department. Our acquaintance... Далее

Memorial Day.

The second Saturday of October is the Day of Palliative and Hospice Care. On this day, art events and flash-mobs are held around the world. And we have a traditional meeting of parents on this day. Remembrance Day. A meeting of families who have lost their children. This year it is... Далее


We had to learn about the popularity of Lalafanfan Duck. Artem brought us seven pieces of cool soft toys with glasses and hats that can be worn by children. Based on the reaction of children who often visit our office, we began to google what it is. It seemed to be an ordinary soft toy with huge... Далее

Courage Necklace.

We have not talked about the Courage Necklace for a long time. And the project continues and 114 children have their own treatment stories. Courage is in every bead, and each bead has its own power, its own story. In the photo there is Irina. She finished another course of chemotherapy and chose... Далее


Creative activities, Hospital Clowns visits, watching cartoons in the Pediatric Oncology Department are temporarily suspended again. Due to the increase in the incidence of COVID-19 among patients and staff of the NCI, social events and visits to patients were asked to stop. For how long? Until... Далее

Cinema day.

We gathered in the lobby and on the big screen we watched the American computer-animated comedy 3D movie "Minions: The Rise of Gru". The "Evil Six" is a team of the most famous criminals, which is looking for a new member. An 11-year-old Gru, who dreams of becoming a supervillain, is signed up for... Далее

Halyna Stets.

Meet Halyna Stets. Many people come to our Foundation for help and with a desire to help. Most of them are people who at different periods of their lives were or are involved in the problems of oncology. They all join various good deeds to the best of their ability. This is how we met Halyna... Далее
Сортировка: Показывать новостей из 2131
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