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New Year's greetings.

We thank "Ukrania SOS" organization for presents from Spain: a teddy bear and delicacies. And the delicacies not just in that bag with a deer but also in the form of cocktails. These cocktails are meant for those who have a heightened requirement for albumins, vitamins, and minerals. They are for... Далее

Season’s Greetings.

Today, we received New Year s greetings from our Friends Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, KNUCA. For our part, we offered warm hugs from Andrii and Polina, an adult look from Matviychyk, and many thanks and best wishes. We are always delighted to hear from you, our KNUCA... Далее

Antonina Shestopalova.

Meet Antonina Shestopalova. She is a guru of accounting and has her own consulting firm. She was the one who calmed everyone down when we had an unexpected issue with the accountant at the Foundation. Not just calmed down but organized and systematized everything. Antonina Olehivna heard about the... Далее

Season’s Greetings.

Receiving gifts always brings us joy. We need joy; joy gives us strength, and strength gives us confidence and faith. Merry Christmas! We are grateful to the employees of Unisolar company for bringing the festive mood to us!


Today we have the Parents Saturday Christmas Meeting. Communication is online. Even the outage schedules in different regions allowed us to see each other. Sharing news, laughter, tears and hugs a thousand kilometres away is what each of us needs. Over years of joint work, we have become united to... Далее

Olha Tsybulska.

Meet Olha Tsybulska. She is a nail technician. She can make artwork on the nails and take responsibility, knows how to organize, understands the situation and strives to be helpful. Nine years ago, Olha took care of the Beauty Days for mothers and children of the Pediatric Oncology Department.... Далее

Season’s Greetings.

Today, our regular Nicholas and Santa s assistants are with us. We wait for them and meet them every year. It has been the fifth year in a row now! Every year, lists of children s wishes and desires are made, and those who do not have time or cannot decide, also get a surprise everyone will have a... Далее

Transfusion Medicine.

Renovation works at the Unit of Transfusion Medicine with premises where platelets can be collected from donors have begun. Usually, the thrombocytapheresis procedure lasts from one and a half to two hours. A donor should feel comfortable. You can support the renovation of the Unit via PayPal -... Далее

Tradition of the day.

Today is the Candle Lighting Day. On the second Sunday of December, at 7:00 p.m., parents of deceased children light candles on the windowsill a sign that the children, no matter how long they were around, filled their lives with light and remained forever. A wave of lights goes around the whole... Далее

Charity Day.

Thank you all who helps us in helping! The Charity Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of December. This Day was established by the Decree of the President of Ukraine in 2007. Its purpose is to promote charitable activities, support public initiatives, and charitable organizations.... Далее

Alla Yakovenko.

Meet Alla Yakovenko. She radiates positivity. It is she who organizes the kids Birthday parties for those wishing to celebrate in the Pediatric Oncology Department. She is the one who makes arrangements with animators, brings the balloons and can bake the cake herself or order it. Everything is... Далее

Volunteer Day.

Our greetings to the country of volunteers! Today is the International Volunteer Day. Volunteers are people who spend their free time for the good of society without expecting a reward. We thank everyone who, through their activities, ensures decent living standards for those currently unable to... Далее

Advent calendar.

From today onward, we turn on the New Year s mood. The countdown to Christmas has started. Anticipation will be more fun with an advent calendar. It is a postcard or a house with small windows. Behind every window, a treat is hidden. Before opening it, the child must remember the good and bad... Далее

Natalia Chyzh.

Meet Natalia Chyzh. Natalia has known the founder and head of the Foundation, Larysa Lavreniuk, since Larysa was a live host at the Zhytomyr radio station. Natalia knew Larysa s son Andrii from an early age. She was at Larysa s side during those terrible treatment times and when Andrii was gone...... Далее

Katia Bezugla.

Meet Kateryna Bezugla. A friend Maryna, who conducted creative classes at the Pediatric Oncology Department, brought Katia to the Foundation. Because if you listen to your friend s enthusiastic stories about the work of the Foundation for several years in a row, it is impossible not to end up... Далее
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