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Creativity Day.

Turn off the lights, fantasize and draw. Today, for independent creativity, everyone has a tablet on which you can draw with a flashlight marker. You can draw with light in the dark. The drawing will disappear in 20 minutes and you can start a new one. The set includes everything you need and... Далее


Hospital clowns are in the department today. Before they start, they take a quick test and are fine. After a long break, Tosha gets acquainted with everyone in the ward, teaches them how to launch balls, guesses the names of the pets, spins the figures...Just a single word - missed you!

Annual Report 2022.

By the start of 2022, the Fund s accounts held UAH 835, 054.76, USD 705.00, CHF 88. 00 , GBP 400 .00 , EUR 1 , 561 . 92. Du ring 2022, the Fund received UAH 3 , 268 , 883 . 28, USD 40 , 074 . 42, EUR 266 . 43 EUR, consisting of : - charitable contributions from individuals and legal entities UAH... Далее

Eduard “Dilya” Prystupa.

Meet Dilya, aka Eduard Prystupa, a Ukrainian musician, composer, the manager and founder of the startup project of the mobile application, AudioFairyTales in Ukrainnian , the Fund s Ambassador. We were introduced to each other by mutual friends, our common love of music, and Tavr Media Group. We... Далее

Half-annual Report, 2 nd Half.

As of 1 July 2022, the Fund s accounts held UAH 362 , 760.54, USD 2 , 191.89. During the 2 nd half of 2022 , the Fund received UAH 1 , 405 , 225 . 77, USD 23 , 406 . 67, including : - charitable contributions from individuals and legal entities: UAH 1 , 315 , 225 . 77, USD 23 , 406 . 67; -... Далее

Kateryna Burlak.

Meet Kateryna Burlak. Kateryna is the head of the palliative chapter of the Fund. Generally speaking, she has more responsibilities, among them everything that has to do with setting up doctors consultations, anesthesia, caretaking, symptoms, support groups. When calling the Palliative Line you... Далее


I m going to Crab for my present. Hurray! Go. We have to hand over to children Genius Notepads from Lyudmyla Strezh, for creative ideas and plans, and multicolored air plasticine, too. We also got gingerbread from Olha Kryonert. We thank you for the joy of presents! You re pampering us! Thank you!... Далее

New Year’s Greetings.

How could you think that the New Year s greetings would come to the end so soon? Today, we are studying the contents of Samaritan gifts from Oleksandr Korkoyil. It is always interesting to open such boxes, study them, marvel at them, and sometimes think what they are and who may actually need them.

Giving blood.

Today, of donations and donors. These words are often used these days. When we talk about donations ( donats , in modern Ukrainian slang) we mean a charity contribution to some cause. When we talk about donors, we mean people who give blood. These days, the transfusion department is combining... Далее

Rymma Zyubina.

Meet Rymma Zyubina. Rymma is our Fund s Ambassador now. Once, in August 2008, Star Media Company invited the actress to take part in our Fund s project, The Star Day . This was about a Star who would spend at least an hour in the children s oncology ward without media coverage. Then, we got to... Далее

New Year's greeting.

This is not just a Bento cake. This is a tasty creative pastime. Mom could eat the delicacy. Bento cake is meant for one person, or two. This is why it is thus called. You add tasty colorants. We are imagining and drawing, licking our fingers. Yoda Cakes from Mriya Inc Foundation. Thank you for... Далее

Kateryna Khlyvnyuk.

Get acquainted: Kateryna Khlyvnyuk. At the Fund these days Katya, as a psychologist, cares for memory groups, "Parents Saturday": regular Zoom meetings, consultations, and the annual autumn gettogether of parents who lost their children while they were receiving treatment at the children s... Далее

Happy New Year!

This has become a tradition: under the fir tree we leave presents for those children who stay in the ward for the New Year s night. We thank the parents, our regular helpers, who helped this miracle materialize this time, too. . The children took their ten presents as early as 4 am, as everyone... Далее

New Year's greetings.

Testing by presents continues in the ward. We could not but give as a present the star-lit sky from Lyudmyla Strezh, and delicacies with a garland from Alina Shalin. This does help create a festive mood. We did manage to do this before the missiles flew... it was loud... Take good care of yourself!

New Year's greetings.

We thank "Obiymy" (Hugs) Charity Fund for their New Year s greetings, their presents, smiles, and hugs. Everyone received a pillow for the New Year, a plaid, and delicacies. Grreetings on the coming holiday!
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