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Art studio.

Today we have a master class in Easter egg making with Marina Dmitrenko and Oleksandra Rusanovych. Wax, symbols, pysankas, paints, candles - almost magic. It s a fascinating lesson. We were planning to make Easter wreaths for the little ones, because Easter eggs seemed to be a bit difficult. But... Далее

Cinema Day.

Today is Cinema Day and we re watching the Ukrainian 3D animated fantasy movie The Stolen Princess. We thank Film.UA for providing us with a copy! The Ukrainian characters in the movie speak/joke in the voices of popular Ukrainian actors. So, this amazing story took place in Kyiv in the time of... Далее


A birthday in the ward is a serious occasion to share a piece of cake with everyone. If there is such a wish, we know about it for sure. Alla Yakovenko and Olena Bonadik bring a cake that will be enough for everyone in the Department. The cake, balloons and our sincere wishes are guaranteed. Do... Далее


Today we have a small concert by KARTA SVITU. Thank you Ivan Marunych and Stanislav Dyachenko. They gave us a little comfort, shared a new song, and gave us the opportunity to sing together. Nikita Chekansky also sang a couple of songs for us. Thank you for the musical half an hour of rest.

Art Studio.

Today we have a creative lesson with Alyona Strekanova. We decorate natural materials panels. We re using our imagination, creativity and spring mood. Alyona helps to аix it all securely and neatly.

Clowns and gifts.

Tosha, the hospital clown, was tested today by playing with almost every child. She managed it. Soap bubbles and bunny ears helped. But we also left a maze construction set for everyone. Firstly, we had to build a track that would become a track for the balls and experiment with gravity, think... Далее


Thursday and the hospital clown Tosha is in the ward. Today, kids shared secrets with Tosha, tried to feed, told about their plans, and played with toys. They also play uno with Tosha and invent new rules for playing cards. She can draw with Maksym and entrust Andriy with an owl to raise. An owl... Далее


Today is a creative workshop with Lyudmyla Strezh and Olena Zelenska. A paper cup was turned into a basket, decorated and filled with green grass and flowers. But these were not just baskets with flowers. They were hiding places with wishes and a key.


We received such a sweet "Our Dream" from Zhytomyr Lasoshchy! Thank you for continuing to support blood donors with goodies! If you are planning to donate blood and have no contraindications to donate blood, then prepare yourself by following an appropriate diet. In the department itself, you can... Далее

Andriy Kulikov.

Meet Andriy Kulikov, a radio personality, journalist, translator, and ambassador of the Foundation. I met Andriy at journalism training seven years ago. He was conducting a master class on communication for charitable foundations. And, as you can see, he was not only sharing knowledge, but also... Далее

Cinema Day.

We have a movie lobby today. We are watching the cartoon "Luck". It is not only a portal to the country, but also a necessity. Since childhood, every case of Sam turns into a curious failure. The girl dreams of helping her little friend Hazel find a foster family, but this requires a fair amount... Далее

Creative day.

We have a creative drawing with Marina Kruk - neurographic. We found out that today is Polar Bear Day and the teacher suggested drawing in the style of neurographic. Neurography uses neurographic lines. It does not repeat itself in any of the segments. We never know where such a line will lead.... Далее


Thursday is the day of the Hospital Clowns visit. Tosha is in our Department today. Today we are ready to do more than just play with her. Today, someone has prepared and come up with tasks and riddles for her. Tosha was a bit confused by this unexpected turn.

Creative day.

The creative class with Lesya Maksayeva and Alyona Strekanova is not only about creativity and amazing crafts, but also about learning the intricacies of the process, understanding composition and colors. Today, the shells have become a decorative vase for small things. Techniques of painting,... Далее

International Childhood Cancer Day.

February 15 is International Childhood Cancer Day. When the first shock of the diagnosis passes and the ability to make decisions comes, be brave and inquisitive, learn to trust, but also to control. Believe in yourself and always be on your child s side! Don t let anyone treat you arrogantly or... Далее
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