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Cinema day.

We re watching an incredibly colorful, exotic, musical, touching animated blockbuster from the Disney studio in the cinema hall. The legend of the Oceania people about how a young girl fought for the happiness of people from her tribe. On our screens today, the brave daughter of the chief Waiana... Далее

Clown doctor.

The day of the hospital clowns Department check. Tosha and Tata are doing canine therapy today. Two fluffy dogs allow themselves to be petted. And in the 17th ward, they tried to become friends with the shark. Actually, just one tried, the other looked at the meat cutlet. But there were also... Далее

Art Studio.

We weave dreamcatchers with Alyona Strekanova. Although, we re only weaving, but also color it, dry, string, decorate, choose, shape, create. And we interweave the threads like a web, because this is exactly where all bad dreams should linger. Alyona also invented a clothespin there. We wrote down... Далее

Creative day.

We share our warmth with plasticine. Knead with your fingers, roll out with your hands and form figures. You can form either according to the instructions with step-by-step explanations, or by turning on your fantasy. For adults today - plasticine sets, for children - sets of modeling dough, for... Далее


The time for celebrations is not very good, but the greetings today go to our medical workers. May you gain strength, wisdom, knowledge, and courage in these times! And times are such that former patients use their drawings to support doctors who are now also protecting Ukraine. May all forces... Далее

Cinema day.

We re watching the animated cartoon "The Ice Age: Adventures of Buck Wild" in the cinema hall. In the new sequel to the opossum, Crash and Eddie decided to start an independent life and ended up in the Lost World. And Buck is a schizoid one-eyed weasel who will teach them how to survive. She... Далее

Necklace of courage.

Beads of courage continue to be strung through the history of treatment. Now they are more accessible to those in the branch, but the beads are waiting for the Necklace of Courage of anyone who has traveled the world. Keep counting, keep writing, then you can display your path to recovery in the... Далее


With Lyudmila Strezh and Olena Aleinik we create lizards or slimes. Mixing some liquids, decorating with sequins, we get a substance that can evoke certain emotions. Our emotions were different - from yuck to wow. The main thing is to overcome yourself and at some point take it all in hand. And... Далее

Donor Day.

To all those who shared their plasma, air mass, and platelets for free to support the condition of pediatric oncology patients - Congratulations with Donor Day! You are our Superheroes!


Board games were handed out, Roman s drug was sent, water was collected by parents, hearts were donated to donors for tomorrow, turnstiles and a gift to children from Nova Poshta were confiscated. Pleasure - Nazar began rehabilitation in Warsaw. The guy finished his treatment there. This treatment... Далее

Support Postcards.

Apple workers have prepared support flyers for our children undergoing difficult treatment in these difficult times. You are all in different countries now, we are all fighting for our lives now. Take the card you like, let it give you strength and confidence, that your Victory, that Our Victory... Далее

Cinema day.

Today we support monster-wrestling competitions. It s a cinema day and we are watching the cartoon "League of Monsters" - the biggest story about outsiders - we are urgently looking for a new superstar. The plan is simple: turn a lazy person into a champion who can win the epic tournament of the... Далее

Daily routine.

Dasha was recommended to wear a clavicle bandage. We ordered a recliner for the girl, got it and today she and her mother came to our office for this thing on these thin shoulders. Dasha is going home today not only holding her back, but also with a new friend in the form of a duckling. They both... Далее

Hospital clowns.

Thursday and in the Hospital Clowns are here, in our department. Tosha again came with gifts - books from the American illustrator, brought to us by Olena Kozachenko. While Tosha was properly explaining what to do with this book, because you can still draw there, Vlad kept trying to involve her in... Далее

Art Studio.

Today we make a special creative product with Alyona Strekanova. Everyone had a request - to make two pieces of jewelry - one for themselves, and the other will be given the next Tuesday. Because next Tuesday we have World Blood Donor Day! But we will talk about it on June 14. Every heart was... Далее
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