Kateryna Khlyvnyuk.

5 January 2023

Get acquainted: Kateryna Khlyvnyuk. At the Fund these days Katya, as a psychologist, cares for memory groups, "Parents' Saturday": regular Zoom meetings, consultations, and the annual autumn gettogether of parents who lost their children while they were receiving treatment at the children's oncology department of the National Cancer Institute.

Kateryna is a practicing psychologist, a member of the Ukrainian Transaction Analysis Community. She has been with the Fund for more than nine years now.  She stayed with us as a volunteer after Razida Tkach's program, "Dr Fairytale".   

In three years, she became the Fund's resident psychologist, conducting master classes, caring for the "Tea Party" project, with themed meetings, psychological and information support of parents of children who are undergoing treatment at the children's ward.  Then, there emerged the need to organize the psychological service of the National Cancer Institute. Within 18 months, through working groups and consultations in the organization, Kateryna became a practicing psychologist and acting head of the Psychological Help Department at the National Cancer Institute!  

Now, Kateryna is planning her own business. We sincerely wish you success, and we are glad that you are staying with us!

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