Kateryna Burlak.

21 January 2023

Meet Kateryna Burlak. Kateryna is the head of the palliative chapter of the Fund. Generally speaking, she has more responsibilities, among them everything that has to do with setting up doctors’ consultations, anesthesia, caretaking, symptoms, support groups.  When calling the “Palliative Line” you talk to her. Every day, you may also meet her in the Fund’s office.

Eight years ago Katya came to the Fund recommended by Tetyana Dubinina. She  came to us for the sake of palliative support to families. Now, this activity is well organized within the Fund, and Kateryna represents the Fund in different groups, as well as at various bodies of state power. She holds a Polish degree in management of palliative help to children. Kateryna is the Secretary of the PACED, the Ukrainian Association for palliative help to children. She is also the Secretary of the similar Association of countries of Central Europe and Central Asia. In 2019, Kateryna was awarded a medal, “For Lives Saved”, by the President of Ukraine.

At her initiative and with her efforts and support, the Visiting Department for mobile palliative help to children was organized at the Kyiv City Children’s Diagnostics Center.   

Calm, well-balanced, she can listen to you, she can wait, and she can heed what you say. All who were not ready to accept her from the first glance are later regularly asking for her support. She is reliable.

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