Delicious support.

10 February 2021

This is what happens when the "delicacies of Wednesday" unite in one day all those who supported this delicious idea - today we have milk croissants, oatmeal cookies, sandwiches "ham-cheese", dessert "Trifle", salted caramel, butter croissants, lemon cookies, cookies "Sea Chocolate" and half a pizza for each of us. Everything is in reasonable quantities, fresh and tempting. That's what you really want to taste. And if the child finds it difficult, mom/dad will always come to support! Mom/dad needs it too! Thanks to the CF "Creative Ukraine" and the "Kopershe" Bakery, Alena Bebko and her favorite NIR cafe, Leonid Ostaltsev, and pizzeria "Pizza Veterano", Masha Vertigel and her future bakery!

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