16 March 2023

Thursday and the hospital clown Tosha is in the ward. Today, kids shared secrets with Tosha, tried to feed, told about their plans, and played with toys. They also play uno with Tosha and invent new rules for playing cards. She can draw with Maksym and entrust Andriy with an owl to raise. An owl is an inflated balloon with painted eyes, beak, and wings. Balloon figures remain to entertain children. The arsenal also includes toys for puppet theater that "talk" to the kids. There are also soap bubbles, a harmonica and many other things. And today everyone received a red clown nose. Tosha will check on each child and stay with them as long as they need. But first, Tosha will gently and carefully ask if can come into the ward. Hospital clowns have their own rules, and it's a separate science.

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