Cinema day.

22 May 2023

Today, for the fans of Pixar and Disney animation, we are showing the cartoon Buzz Lightyear of Star Command in the Cinema Foyer. Buzz is looking for a planet suitable for the establishment of a human colony. But he makes a mistake and the colonists' starship gets stuck among hostile predator plants. The humans set up a temporary home while Buzz tests a hyper-speed crystal to continue the journey. The time warp takes the ranger several years into the future each time. The last attempt is successful, but takes Buzz 22 years into the future. And now the space ranger has to not only complete the mission, but also defeat the mysterious Zurg and his army of robots. 

- I'll wait for you on the turnip.
- Please don't call it a turnip.
- Our ship looks like a root vegetable.
- Yeah, you noted that right away at the design stage. 

To infinity and beyond! 

The data shows that you have missed 4 birthdays. Would you like to celebrate with a defrosted cake? 

- Have you been trained to handle weapons?
- Here we go...
- Tactical training?
- Promised...
- Combat skills?
- Of course! Considering the robot we just faced...

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