Cinema Day.

6 March 2023

We have a movie lobby today. We are watching the cartoon "Luck". It is not only a portal to the country, but also a necessity. Since childhood, every case of Sam turns into a curious failure. The girl dreams of helping her little friend Hazel find a foster family, but this requires a fair amount of luck. One day Sam meets Bob, a black cat. He not only loves to eat panini and can talk, but also opens a portal to the real country of Luck. The only thing left to do is to hide the fact that Sam has no luck at all and...start a fantastic adventure! 

- You are not a leprechaun! Do you think you can just walk into the leprechauns' locker room, borrow their clothes...
- That's a brilliant idea! Let's go! 

- With luck, anything seems possible! Maybe that's because...
- Because luck is joy!
- Yes! And hope. 

- I didn't want you to cry.
- I'm crying because I'm happy!
- People are so strange. 

- What happened
- Well, the luck lines are disconnected, the randomizer is broken, and we're floating in the void with no purpose for existence.
- And we thought we just shorted a wire. 

Do you think your creatures can't fail? They can! And they will. And you also can. Do not be afraid of failure. Because you have each other. And that is why you are the happiest creatures I know.

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