Cinema day.

25 March 2021

Today we are in a magical world where dark times have come. The young warrior Raya, the tribal leader's daughter, tries to find the last dragon to save humanity and her beloved father until evil has finally devoured all living things. Today is Cinema day and we watch the cartoon "Raya and the Last Dragon". The popcorn sponsor is the Pumpidup.

I know it's your job to stop me. But, I'm sorry, nothing will come out!

- You lit up when you touched the shard. What will happen next?
- Don't you need a flashlight at night?

- Well, we go visit them without a gift?
- Do you need a present?
- Yes, it helps to establish trust better than any words!

- It's hard to be human. The heads are tiny, the tail doesn't grow, you deceive each other…
- Yes, everything is bad in the world. You can't trust anyone.
- Or maybe everything is bad because you don't trust each other?

There is just a little impossibility in the world. The most difficult thing is to take the first step. Then it will be easier. Believe me.

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