27 May 2021

Today we're watching the Ukrainian fantasy film "The Tale of the Old Miller" - evening, the children gather around the fire, the old miller begins to tell them a tale.
We support Mykola and Khrystynka, who decided to free prisoners and lands from evil spirits, but for this, they will have to go through many trials…Thanks for a high-quality film copy.
The sponsor of popcorn is Pumpidup.

- Guys, I didn't sell it, aunt banished me away.
- You even don't know how to sell fish? Oh, oh...misery. Maybe you know how to eat fish?
- Oles, ask your grandfather for a cauldron, we will cook fish…
- But, I'm not very hungry…
- Everyone can eat. Go and take the cauldron, come on, little.

Well, if you're so brave, daughter, stay home and protect women.

Goodness transforms the world for the better.

Help people! About this is our tale.

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