6 May 2021

We have our CineLobby today, and we are watching "The Penguins of Madagascar" animated cartoon. There are self-proclaimed commandos on our screen: Kowalski, Skipper, Rico, and Private. They are performing super-secret operations every day on the territory of the New York City Zoo, going underground sometimes, to underground communication routes. "Pumpidup" is or popcorn sponsor.

We have come for the happy ending!

I cannot accept your gratitude It is cheap, and nobody needs it. Give me something that shines.

I am not one of those people who hug. I am one of those who ruin your life if you don't do what I tell you.

- Love?
- This is a chemical reaction in your brain, inducing bliss. It causes addiction.

Convincing is very boring. We'll take it by force.

- Kowalski, your variants.
- Strategic retreat.
- Explain ...
- We are running away but courageously.

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