Annual Report 2022.

3 February 2023

By the start of 2022, the Funds accounts held UAH 835, 054.76, USD 705.00, CHF 88.00GBP 400.00EUR 1,561.92.

During 2022, the Fund received UAH 3,268,883.28, USD 40,074.42, EUR 266.43 EUR, consisting of:

charitable contributions from individuals and legal entities UAH 2, 516, 628.53, EUR 266.43, USD 40, 074.42;
- donations in kind 
for UAH 196, 488.40;
from the sale of currency UAH 521, 031.37;
money reimbursed UAH 34, 734.68 грн.

Spent for charitable activities UAH 3, 351, 261.75, USD 8, 649.75.
Spent for the Fund’s operations within the budget UAH 342, 961.51 грн.

Over 2022, paid from the Fund’s accounts:

Purchase of medicines and medicine items for 60 children, UAH 629, 324.98.
Purchase of medicines for the ICU of the National Cancer Institute, UAH 223, 901.03.
Purchase of contrast for MRI at the NCI, UAH 277, 432.17.
Purchase of medicines and medicine items for military units, UAH 363, 438.30. 
Prosthetics for childUAH 186, 387.50.
Endoprosthetics for 2 childrenUAH 140, 170.00.
Drinking water for blood donors and the children’s ward, UAH 16, 915.47.
Specialized medical food, UAH 41, 136.32.
Medical examination for 15 children at private laboratories/clinicsUAH 159, 192.40.
Rehabilitation course for childrenUAH 376, 602.00.
Radiation therapy for 3 children at a private clinicUAH 250, 405.00.
Dentistry for 2 childrenUAH 12, 000.00.
Chemotherapy course for 1 child in TurkeyUSD 4, 500.00.
Eye examination and treatment for child in SpainUSD 4, 149.75.
Transporting children abroadUAH 21, 000.00.
Payment for covid tests for 61 peopleUAH 41, 640.00.
medical stretchers for the ICU of the NCIUAH 30, 235.00.
pairs of medical footwear for NCI patientsUAH 23, 400.00.
hospital pyjamas for NCI patientsUAH 37, 500.00
Payment of tax for further periods, UAH 182, 210.35.
Banking charges, UAH 3, 636.87.
Replacement of windows at the NCI transfusion department, UAH 324, 099.36.
Payment for ritual services for 1 childUAH 10, 635.00.

The Fund’s public activities:

We provide information help and support to those wishing to provide necessary individual support to the departments patients.   

We thank individual initiatives: Anton Hlumakov, Alina Shalin, Lyudmyla Strezh, Svitlana Zhukovina who all continuously and regularly implement their projects to support the Fund. 

We thank all the donors of blood for free who save children’s oncology patients. 

As of 18 January, strict quarantine was introduced at the department because of covid. 

On 24 February, as many of the department’s patients as was possible were released from the department to undergo treatment where they usually live because of the beginning of the military aggression by the Russian Federation.    

On March, all children were evacuated from the department. Patients began to be admitted to the department in May.  

35 families were taken by the Fund abroad (Poland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Slovakia) for checkup/treatment and accommodated there.    

As humanitarian cargo was brought in and distributed for the needs of the NCI, military units, palliative program children: medicines, medical disposables, surgical tools, medical equipment, hygienic materials, children’s food, specialized medical food, food, clothes, orthotics. Military uniforms bought for 15 soldiers.  

More than 520 creative activities sets and presents handed out at the department within the year, 18 creative classes held, 24 times animation films were watched at the big screen, 24 times we had fun with our Hospital Clowns. 

Two children had their rehabilitation courses of treatment in Poland paid for individually. 47 medicines were bought for 15 children at the department, unavailable in pharmacies but prescribed by their doctors. 

“The Beads of Courage” project is going on, with 117 children participating. 

In 2022, 259 telephone and 361 face-to-face consultations were provided by “Palliative Line” specialists to 65 families. As part of support to parents who lost their children, 5 online meetings were held. In June, we presented a paper and moderated the “Palliative Help to Children” session at the 4th PRIME Pediatrics 2022 Conference of the Ukrainian Academy of Pediatric Specialties.   

In December, the annual action from big companies’ staff members continued with individual greetings to children at the department. 

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