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Friday is the day for PCR tests. It has been a year by now that patients are admitted to the children s oncology department if they have a negative PCR test. From the end of april 2020 to the end of April 2021 we have conducted 643 tests, 12 of them being positive. The tests were administered... Далее


Thursday is the CineLobby day. Every Thursday, we put on a big screen, a projector, sound is arranged, spectators take their seats on puff chairs, grab their popcorn, and start watching an animated cartoon. For some, this is their first experience of a movie theater, and they are just learning how... Далее


Wednesday is the delicacies day. It is the 43rd such tasty Wednesday today. Every Wednesday we receive delicacies from "Kopershe" Bakery: oat cookies, croissants, sandwiches. We thank the "Creative Ukraine" Charity for launching this initiative! We thank Alyona Bebko for her constant support of... Далее


Tuesday is the day when we hand out medical masks. It is the 52nd Tuesday today when we give every person in the ward a set of protective medical masks for a week, both for adults and children. The "100 Percent Life. Rivne" Charity has supported us with masks for adults for a long time now, and... Далее


Monday is the day of creative tasks. We have a creative set from Svitlana Zhukovina. Today, everyone will make an almost musical decoration. We are employing our imagination, wit, and skills in making knots of threads and learing to move wuietly. Also, everyone has got an additional creative set... Далее


Today, together with a clever and almost not caveman - Guy - looking for a new Tomorrow. With an energetic Croods family, we overcome obstacles, make new acquaintances and learn bananas secrets. Let s watch "The Croods: A New Age." And watch it was not only interesting, but also delicious - we... Далее

Delicious support.

Today on our menu is a sandwich "ham-cheese", a croissant with cinnamon, oatmeal cookies with raisins, nuts with condensed milk, Yagotin milk for children, apple chips! Every Wednesday - Day of delicacies! Thanks to Creative Ukraine Charitable Foundation and Kopershe Bakery, Alona Bebko and our... Далее

Quarterly Report.

As of 1 January 2021, the Fund s accounts held 293,756.20 UAH. Over the 1st quarter of 2021, UAH 1,429,461.22 was donated, including: - charitable donations from individuals and organizations to the tune of UAH 1,426,661.22; - donations in kind to the tune of UAH 2,800 (medical masks). UAH... Далее


The creative set includes a dense felted wool material, thread, a needle and the planned decor. Rulers with scissors were distributed, and full instructions are available in 1,11,12,22 wards. Today we offer to make an organizer for office supplies. Pen, pencil in the office is always in use. To... Далее


We are surrounded with robots today! We run CineLobby today, and we are watching "Big Hero 6" the animation film. Every one of us needs Baymax! Pumpidup sponsors our popcorn. I .live by the motto: Every one has their own place and everything is in its place. There can be no color red while the... Далее


Monday is a time of creating art with the use of kits that fully prepare for such a process. We choose what we like, adjust our mood, and enjoy the process! It is a creative art that should be distracted from treatment and constant hospital stay. And as a bonus today - Pizza Veterano for everyone... Далее

Cinema day.

Today we are in a magical world where dark times have come. The young warrior Raya, the tribal leader s daughter, tries to find the last dragon to save humanity and her beloved father until evil has finally devoured all living things. Today is Cinema day and we watch the cartoon "Raya and the Last... Далее


Today is the creativity day and everyone chooses a creative set - cover, bas-relief, coloring sets, modeling. We develop our artistic abilities, a color sense, feel like a designer, relax and enjoy creativity. Creating an original cover, paint a picture that is made in the "anti-stress" technique.... Далее

CInema day.

We organized a song talent contest today. Today we watch a cartoon "Sing!" and a whole city of animals that want to become a star! Sponsor of popcorn is Pumpidup. My father always said: don t be afraid to ruin your dreams. Just start singing! Do what you love and everything will work out. Do you... Далее

Hospital clowns.

Hospital clowns also visited the National Cancer Institute Psychological Support Department sensory room on Thursday. Every Thursday starts with 14th till 16th, Tosha and Kapitan are the main ones in this Magic Land. Children who are in the Institute boarding school are invited here and hospital... Далее
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