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Art Studio.

Today during the lesson with Alena Strekanova we are using not only paints and pendants, but also a hammer, screwdriver, nails, and screws. We are making a house! And one of the houses was going to be handed over to Akim Galimov s parents, Alfad and Elmira, with gratitude for the charity initiative.

Charity day.

Akim Galimov, the author of the Real Story project, spent his day off with his parents, who settled in Uzhhorod as internally displaced people. His parents small coffee business, IrpinCafe in Bozdorsky Park, offered coffee and specialty waffles. They sold 10 thousand hryvnias and today transferred... Далее

Prime pediatrics 2023.

The 5th Congress of the Ukrainian Academy of Pediatric Specialties Prime Pediatrics 2023 is taking place in Lviv. This year, finally, the offline format, which both speakers and participants missed. Our Kateryna Burlak is a speaker and moderator of the Palliative Medicine section. This year, the... Далее

Puppet theater.

Today we have a puppet theater. We are watching a performance based on Charles Perrault s fairy tale "Puss in Boots". We thank our audience. Thank you, Vadym Sambor, for your professionalism. Thank you, Dmitry Ralko, for the opportunity.

Cinema day.

Today, for the fans of Pixar and Disney animation, we are showing the cartoon Buzz Lightyear of Star Command in the Cinema Foyer. Buzz is looking for a planet suitable for the establishment of a human colony. But he makes a mistake and the colonists starship gets stuck among hostile predator... Далее


Today is the last day of the tulip season in Dobropark. We tried to make it in time. But, as it turned out, we get pleasure just from the trip, from changing the place of hospital stay, from the vastness and beauty. We took everyone from the department who was allowed to leave by the doctors.... Далее


For young people who have overcome childhood cancer, CCI Europe has created the European Network of Youth Cancer Survivors , It is a safe place with registration. Here you will find webinars, congresses, other events, interesting articles, you can communicate online with... Далее

Art Studio.

A creative class in the Department with Lyudmyla Strezh and Olena Aleynik. We design, decorate, and weave a "web" to keep bad dreams away. We have a dream catcher today.

Mother's Day.

Happy Mother s Day! It s a happy day to create emotions, to see hugs and kisses. Every year on this day we give children the opportunity to congratulate their mothers. A mother who is also going through a difficult path of treatment, who is ready to take everything on herself so her dear blood... Далее


In the company of colleagues from other countries. We are in Spain at the conference of SIOP Europe, the European Society for Pediatric Oncology - SIOP with CCI Europe. The Foundation has been a member of this organization since 2006. This time we came with Hanna Shevchuk. Hanna represents the... Далее

Art Studio.

Today, everyone has the opportunity to distract themselves in a company by playing a game or assembling a construction set. Everyone has their own game. The games are different. Once everyone learns the rules of their game, companies can gather for a new game every time. Because at least one... Далее

Art Studio.

Drawing spring in Paris. Spring in front of the Eiffel Tower. We have right hemispheric drawing with Marina Kruk. An opportunity to distract yourself, get acquainted with intuitive techniques and make sure that you can draw.

Necklace of Courage.

As of today, 133 necklaces have been collected or are still being collected in the Necklace of Courage project. Each bead has its own interpretation in the treatment. Each necklace is unique. It contains a personal path, strength, courage, acceptance, pain, stories and memories. The necklace can... Далее

Art Studio.

Today we are making Easter bunnies! We are painting wooden blanks, decorating and decorating them with Aliona Strekanova. They are so round after the Easter cake.


We have photos of Okhmatdyt rehabilitation therapists working with the equipment they asked us to buy for their work. Each need was substantiated, they told how they would use each device to develop fine motor skills, coordination of movements and balance. Working with children requires an... Далее
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