"Winners In Life" Meeting.

7 July 2018

Every year, on the first Friday of July, we assemble those who had undergone treatment at the children's oncology department of the National Cancer Institute.  Those who had gone "war: and emerged victorius. Those who have time and opportunity to come to Kiev. The Winners come to the meeting from all over Ukraine. This year, we had our 10th "Winners In Life" Meeting. 38 participants came to us, with their parents and siblings, 97 people altogether. We miss those who could not come and expect them next year!   
As always, we met everybody and assembled them at the National Cancer Institute. We participated in master classes with Kateryna Khlyvnyuk, Tetyana Dubytska, Maryna Kruk, Iryna Zinchenko, Valentyna Dubytska, Svitlana Mаrchenko. We talked to those who are undergoing treatment now, we embraced with doctors. There was a photo-zone in the courtyard, and words of grtitude to doctors were written in the asphalt, We enjoyed a visit by bikers: we rode with them, took photo and talked with them.  Then, there was a concert. Rymma Zyubina asked everyone about what had happened over the year. Every Winner got a present, and there were musical greetings from Foma and "Mandry" rock band. Our regular participant from previous concerts got special thanks from us on the occasion of the 10th anniversary. Rymma Zyubina received the certificate of the Fund's Ambassador. We are glad you are with us!   
The Meeting continued at the Feofania Sanatorium: walking in the park, fire show, conversations by the bonfire. In the morning, everyone had a chance to play ethnic drums with Natalya, and henna drawings have already become a tradition: people queued even before the artist came. The Meeting was crowned with the boat trip on the Dnieper. We have been embracing for quite some time after this, and making arrangements for the next year. Thank you everybody who came!   
We thank every organization and person who had supported the Meeting: La Brioche, Galicia, Kameliya, Terra Food, Goshansky kovbasy, Hermis Ukrayina, McDonalds, Olexander Ratushny, Tayisiya Lamanga!  
We thank everybody who helped: Olexander Demchenko, Valery Levashov, Olha Pinska, Maryna Stepanska, Ashot, Alina Shalin, Yaris, Serhiy Pyshun, Ivan Mazurkevych.  
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