25 December 2020

Of course, festive days are better spent out of the hospital but the treatment protool stipulates otherwise, so we'll do as they advise: if you can't change the situation, then change your attitude to it. You just have to get ready! It is not the impossibility of celebration that worries us but a possible inability to buy the necessary dispensables. In order to make the work during days-off easier for both medics and parents, and to not solve overly complicated tasks, our Friends have bought innumerable necessary things for the ward:  syringes, systems, gloves, Dexalgin, Keiver, Diphenhydramine, Furosemide, Nurofen. This has to be enough for the festive days. We thank the workers of Samusng! We thank Sofia! In addition, two thousand bandages were bought for the ward, 300 meters of cheesecloth, and 55 meters of canvas. Yes, all this is necessary, too. Thank you, Dmytro Ralko, thank you Olha Nizhelska!  

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