27 February 2022

We receive a lot of words with support and suggestions from our foreign colleagues! Everyone is so worried that children in Ukraine are not currently receiving the usual oncology treatment. Indeed, worried parents call us. Someone brought the child to see an oncologist on the eve of the events, someone was preparing for chemotherapy, someone had to be examined, and now everyone should wait. And waiting in oncology is not the best helper. During the war in Ukraine, about our children are ready to take care clinics in Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Poland and Latvia. How can you get to the selected country, leave a message under this post, write to Larissa in PM, we will let you know whom to contact.

Thank you, Little People Romania Foundation, Youth Cancer Europe Foundation (YCE), Katie Rizvi, João de Bragança President of Childhood Cancer International, Anita and Carina from CCI Europe, Olexandra, Lesja!


P.S. Thanks to all the parents who write, call and offer us shelter! You are wonderful! But we stay in Kyiv.

Currently, 14 patients of the Pediatric Oncology Department are housed in the basement of the National Cancer Institute. They have medical staff with them.

We keep in touch with our parents. We know the needs and still manage to solve them.

As something will be needed, we will let you know!

Glory to Ukraine!

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