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5 May 2022

Today there were events that were being prepared, expected, and accompanied. We can already exhale, so we can tell.
Today, two of our young adults, who were diagnosed with cancer as children, crossed the border. Nastya and Petro still need medical help. One has been dealing with his treatment for a long time, the other has taken responsibility for his life and decisions and left the Donetsk region. Will continue to live in Switzerland.
Today our oncology family was brought to Poland from Mariupol, which the ruscims forcibly deported to Russia. It was a long way with worries, conversations, support and help from caring people! Four children with mom and dad will go to Switzerland. Danilo needs an examination and the oncologist's help. Timothy suffered a shrapnel wound on the neck. In Mariupol, the apartment burned down.
Today in the Rizzoli Orthopaedics Institute, our Romka was operated on. He is in remission, but the once established endoprosthesis needed to be replaced. The operation is long-awaited and they are in safe hands.
Thanks to everyone who was involved in these events!
Everything will be Ukraine!

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