6 November 2020

By the end of April 2020, kids started to be admitted to the children's oncology department on condition of having negative PCR test results.  The Fund has immediately started everyday tests of children and parents who were preparing for their stay in the hospital.  This decision was taken with the aim to give children a chance not to delay their treatment, save money for families, and help everyone fo through the period when the state instruction would be implemented everywhere. The state needed almost seven months to set up running the mechanism of providing tests for children's oncology patients where they live. Now, before going for their planned hospitalization, a family would turn to their family doctor, receive their test letter, and come to the National Cancer Institute with their test results. There are certain specifics in every region but the parents' insistence is a welcome thing.  However, there still are kids who have to undergo examination in Kiev for a week or so before they are admitted to the hospital. This is why, on Fridays, we still take tests from them. 

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