Quarter Report.

9 January 2021

Reporting for the 4th quarter of 2020. By the beginning of October the Fund's accounts held 210,813.71 UAH and 60.00 USD. 1,721,333.52 UAH were paid into the accounts over the 4th quarter of 2020:

- 1,698,737.29 UAH in cash
 - 389.12 USD in cash
- 12,395.71 UAH from selling hard currency
- donations in kind to the tune of 10,200.52 UAH (special foods, Younorm syrup, masks)

Charity donations from individuals and organizations 1,721,333.52 UAH

99,518.13 UAH spent for the Fund's operation within the limits of the cost allocation.
1,528,672.38 UAH spent for charity activities.
As of 31 December 2020, the balance of money in the Fund's accounts is 293,756.20 UAH.

Over the 4th quarter of 2020, the following was paid from the Fund's accounts: 

Purchase of medication and medical items for 53 children: 1,060,239.42 UAH. 

Limb prostheses and implants for 4 children:124,037 UAH.

Drinking water for the ward: 15,660 UAH. 

Phone line rental for Room 301 for children's observation: 1,400 UAH. 

Special foods: 9,614.58 UAH. 

Medical examination of 2 children: 7,910 UAH.   

Electrical surgical instrument: 12,000 UAH. 

Examination of donors' serum: 36,210.88 UAH.

Payment for radiation therapy for 1 child: 66,420 UAH. 

Payment for testing 160 people for Covid: 122,200 UAH. 

Repair works for the ward of the National Cancer Institute: 72,000 UAH. 

Banking charges: 980.50 UAH.

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