Quarantine solutions.

27 April 2020

As of today. the children's oncology department admits patients only if they tested negatively for  covid-19. This means that children and people accompanying them have to find money to undergo tests in a private laboratory as state support in this case is not stipulated. As of today, we have signed a contract with "Diagen" genetic laboratory on examining parents and children who are admitted to the children's oncology department of the National Cancer Institute.  

During the quarantine, the department had run out of high-dosage methotrexate. The necessary dosage is absent from this country's pharmacies, and the medicine is not delivered internationally. And the children cannot wait. Intervals in treatment influence the results of treatment, including the treatment that the patients had already undergone. As of today, we have signed a contract with "Khemoteka" company on the possibility of getting ready-made solutions with the necessary amount of medicine.  

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