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Today, participants of "Vertep" Studio came to us. The little actors showed the story of the good news in the form of theatrical action: the birth of Jesus Christ. We are thankful for the modern and interesting performance! We also had an opportunity to see another vertep, a portable puppet... Далее


Today, we have a master class from guests who themselves had oncoheamatology diagnosis. We are weaving dolls today, from threads, and everyone got books as presents. We are matching colors, winding threads, bending, knotting, and forming the dolls. There is a lot written about traditions of such... Далее


Tosha and Misha on the ward round - they need to visit everyone from the ward to the ward and find out about everyone s mood and have fun together. Today, cooked slime dumplings, played board games, twisted balloons, communicated with doll animals, played on the music box mechanism. Parents also... Далее

Tea Party.

Over a cup of tea and cookies today we met at Tea Party - format of communication in the company with psychologist Kateryna Khlyvniuk. We talked about music, art, and creativity, the music benefits, about how children perceive and understand songs, how music affects during chemotherapy and medical... Далее


There can t be too many fir-trees! Especially, hand-made fir-trees. Especially, such amazing fir-trees. Alyona Strekanova gave us joy having prepared today s class. We enjoyed the process of creation: attaching leaves, weaving threads around branches, decorating the trees with necklaces and toys,... Далее

Art Studio.

Today, together with Inna Stepanchuk, we paint foam bears. To give a bear a charm, one painting is not enough at all. But if you will use sparkles, glue the eyes, put on the paws nice and little gift and, with the final touch, put on a hat - this is exactly what we wanted!

Art Studio.

Today we have soft and fluffy bullfinches! Yulia Volkova was prepared for the class - we had some felt bases and even small thread spools. But we also have enough work - we need to wind the threads, then cut them, glue the halves and decorate with eyes and glitter. So we checked who is the most... Далее


Today, we have doughplastic. We compose bas-relief pictures from different figurines or just press figures of flour and salt with forms. A cocktail straw can also be used as an tool of its own. Svitlana Dobrokhanska prepared differently colored salted dough for us. We are working with plastic... Далее


We are watching an animated cartoon on the big screen, "Arthur Christmas" - will you be tough enough to deliver 2 billion presents in one night? Oh how we laughed! Popcorn provided by Multiplex. A kid should never see Santa: this is the great secret of Christmas. Will you close the door, won t... Далее


The time of New-Year toys goes on. You can paint fir-tree decorations, stars, cones, add New-Year ornaments to them, and create your own unique decoration. Kseniya Kryshtopa had had even brought snow! We fantasize and create.

Art Studio.

Today we are preparing for a masquerade with Kateryna Romanenko. We choose a carnival mask, carefully paint it and cut it neatly. And for our efforts, we choose a brooch. Ready for the Holiday Night!

New Year.

Even if you have to meet New Year s Eve in the Department, it s still not that day to be left without a gift when the bells are chiming. Exactly at twelve under the Christmas tree, everyone who sleeps in the ward today will find a personal gift. Thanks to everyone! Thank you, Kateryna Romanenko,... Далее

The Polygraph SharikOFF Show.

Today Alexander Lysenko creates miracles with balloons. Minions, sharks, hares, even helmets, swords, and bows, and in general, all that you wish. It turns out that you can create anything from balloons! Thank you for the fun time!


It is Thursday today, and this means that hospital clowns take part in the weekly inspection of patients! They took interviews, invented business schemes, arranged fierce battles playing board games, and even talked some kids into eating! Tosha and Dunya examined moods and smiles in every room!


Today, "Bezmyatezhnist" creative studio lifts the curtain of the secret of soap-making. To begin with, we need some transparent soap, a microwave oven, food colorants, sparks, silicone forms, and a bit of imagination. We add a drop of essential oil and pour liquid soap into the forms, in... Далее
Сортировка: Показывать новостей из 1667
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