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It already smells of spring in the street, and Inna Stepanchuk helps us create tender butterflies. Their paper wings had been cut out of paper in advance, their bodies are ready, and what we have to do is to paint them, decorate, assemble a butterfly and attach legs and antennae. The butterflies... Далее


Tamias is a genus of chipmunks of the squirrel family. Although they have a characteristic coloring, this is not an obstacle for us. After applying paints and our imagination, the gypsum figurines of these animals acquired a bizzare look. Maybe these were not tamias at all? However, to neatly... Далее

Tea Party.

We are drinking tea with delicacies, talking aboit life, and drawing metaphorical cards with psychologist Kateryna Khlyvnyuk. We have our "Tea Party" today, a format of communication. And Tanya Sanni launched her author s course today in our ward. We are learning to look at the world in a new way.


Today is another regular visitation by our hospital clowns, Tosha and Misha. They saw that Masha has begun hospital practice. With Vlad, they decided to write a book, otherwise there s nothing interesting to read. They had to train smiling with Danylo, a reaction to the clowns arrival. The... Далее

Art Studio.

Exactly four years ago, Valentina Dubytska conducted her first "warm-up drawing" in the department. In memory, like that day, we draw a tree - we put wool strands on the base and framed it. Everyone came up with their own tree, and Valentina, through practical advice, helped to realize the... Далее


If you soak a thread in paint, put it on a sheet of paper, press it down wiyh the other side of the piece of paper, and drag it out with care, we ll have an interesting ornament. Different threads, different paints: we re growing fantasy, imagination, vision. Students from UMSA Kiev suggested such... Далее


Masters help us not forget about ourselves while we are taking care of children under treatment. Haircuts, manicure, eyebrow correction, henna drawing: this is not just caring about ourselves but also pleasure, help, support, attention, participation, charity. Thank you! The next BarberTherapy day... Далее


The Association of Child Oncohaematologists of Ukraine holds another conference with international participation. Discussions are not only professional but state-minded, too, together with a Deputy Minister of Public Health responsible for this problem. Our Fund is a member of the Association of... Далее

Art Studio.

Even a regular pencil can be fun if you make the effort. Today we re invented different felt ornaments. First, we chose a stencil and circled it. Cut two halves of felt, glue it neatly, remembering to leave space for a pencil, and decorate, gluing the eyes and nose. Now you can not only draw with... Далее

International Childhood Cancer Day

They are strong, patient, courageous. They have found themselves in difficult situatuions threatening their lives. They deserve high-quality treatment with all the opportunities of examination and therapy, with all the dispensable materials, and preparations with proven efficiency. Treatment with... Далее

Art Studio.

Not possible to go without Valentine s postcard today. That is why together with Iryna Zinchenko we make postcards. Colored paper, glue and scissors - and on the basis of hearts, tulips bloom! And today, everyone has received a gift from the Vinnytsia store "Health Shop". Thank you!


Holidays are an opportunity to come to the "Infopuls" Company with tasty things. The hand-made gingerbreads by Olha Ishchuk are well liked not only for their beautiful shapes but also for their taste and quality. This time, regional offices joined in. "Frau Beber" bakery hrlped with gingerbreads... Далее


Each year, the King and Queen launch into the sky thousands of flashlights, hoping that once the missing princess will come back home. We watch the cartoon "Rapunzel. Tangled Adventure." And we have Pumpidup popcorn! Adventures prefer blondes. Damn drama, listen to Mama! Who can wait - wait for... Далее

Art Studio.

Irina has prepared foamiran sheets for us. We make of this decorative material a heart with an insert of glitter. We neatly glue, decorate and another gift is ready.

Art Studio.

Dedicated to loved ones. Alon Strekanova offered today pretty decor for home. Combine hearts, color it, add beads, birds or feathers, decorate with sparkles - the main thing is to follow the teacher s advice.
Сортировка: Показывать новостей из 1667
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