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By the end of April 2020, kids started to be admitted to the children s oncology department on condition of having negative PCR test results. The Fund has immediately started everyday tests of children and parents who were preparing for their stay in the hospital. This decision was taken with the... Далее


We have CineLobby today, and we are watching "Bigfoot Junior". Adam s father turned out to be the legendary guardian of the woods, Bigfoot. Now, Adam is in possession of superspeed, the healing touch, and the ability to understand animal speech. And we are prepared to observe all of these.... Далее


Albums, painting books, notepads, pencils, felt pens, paints: today, everyone chooses what they are going to do. In addition, those who have a nerve, have chosen the anti-stress contours for painting. We wish you inspiration, will, and opportunity for creative work! Don t stand back, do paint!... Далее


Halloween is the Scottish contraction of the English "All Hallows evening", and of course in Scotland they pronounce this word in a different way. This, long time ago, was the name for the All Saints Eve, celebrated on October 31, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows Day. Тhe... Далее

Charity Run.

Kind Challenge is the platform whereby runners make their effort more meaningful by raising money for charity. Three of our volunteers have registered their runs at the Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon. We are supporting Alina, Yulya, Olya who are running their kilometers today! You can still support... Далее


Today, we are watching a Pixar animated cartoon, "Coco". This a film about the value of a family. It is about the dead who always stay alive, and the living carry part of their dead within them. It is about the fact that memory is very important while forgettance is scary. Together with the... Далее


Today, we have a set of six sticks of air plasticine, and we will be making a young stegosaurus, or morodzynko. The guide is attached. the plasticine is soft, elastic, pleasant to the touch, it does not stick to your hands, and has a nice smell. When ready, your object becomes hard within twelve... Далее


Today, we are watching the Ukrainian 3D animated fantasy cartoon, "The Dragon Spell". Mykyta, the son of a famous strongman, Kyrylo the Tanner, dreams of becoming a hero, too. Through a magic gate, he finds his way to Wonderlandia. And magic lands have their own laws! We thank Dmytro Belynsky for... Далее


We are glad to receive not only financial support though it is it that allows to pay for medicines for chemotherapy, as well as expendables for surgery for patients of the children s oncology department of the National Cancer Institute. We thank our Friends who involve their friends and apply... Далее


We are choosing our creative tasks today. According to one s mood and desire, we select the level of creativity: metal stamping, engraving, drawing, sewing, experiments. Quarantine times have brought about changes, and our everyday master classes have been replaced by creative sets. You really... Далее


Be glad, along with us, for new acquaintances and cooperation. These are the new opportunities to help the children s oncology patients. The Kyiv City Centre for Children s Neurosurgery are a wonderful team prepared to operate on brain tumors. The Dubnova s Dental Clinic for Children is a team who... Далее


We watch the cartoon "Ferdinand". Its adaptation of Munro Leaf s book "The Story of Ferdinand", tells the story of a pacifist bull who finds himself on a farm where bulls are prepared for bullfightings. Through no desire to fight, he plans to run away with new friends. Sponsor of popcorn is... Далее

A moment of kindness.

Fifteen years support and twelve years cooperation with Taurus Media! Thank you for regular targeted care about our young and adult patients! Time to time on XIT FM and Radio ROKS radio stations the program "A Moment of Kindness" sounds - a specific story, a specific need, family contacts, direct... Далее


Today we will cross-stitch the amulet. We open a creative set - the ornament scheme is printed on a canvas-blank, and the convenient fastener is already established on a bracelet. The difficulty level is not high, everyone can handle it! Amulet is for preserve and to protect. Amulets have been... Далее


They are not born kung fu masters, they become kung fu masters! We laughed so loud today, as we watched the Dragon Warrior formation - the clumsy, lazy, and eternally hungry panda Poe. "Don t awake the beast in me, please" - we watch the cartoon "Kung Fu Panda". Sponsor of popcorn is Pumpidup.... Далее
Сортировка: Показывать новостей из 1779
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