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Today, having made ourselves comfortable on puff seats, we are watching the adventures of Anna, Kristoff, Sven the reindeer, Olaf the snowman who are looking for Elsa and saving the realm from a terrible spell. We are watching "Frozen", a 3D computer-animated film. Pumpidup is our popcorn sponsor.... Далее

Clerical assistance.

Pens, pencils, erasers, glue pencils, rulers, stationery, office paper, certain kind folders - these are also necessary things for our department. It is important when you don t think about what and how to print a discharge statement for parents, when consumables don t distract you from important... Далее


Sewing kit, interesting modeling, scientific experiments, card games, embossing, scratching, sand frescoes, anti-stress painting, numbers paintings, embroidery - today everyone chooses what to do. We are distracted from the tedious treatment process and gain strength in creativity! Don t be lazy... Далее

New Year's idea.

This year, the Christmas tree near the President s Office will be decorated with toys based on children s original models, printed by using 3D printer technology. Let s draw holiday Christmas decorations! Children were encouraged to fantasize brightly, not to restrain the imagination and create a... Далее


The Guardians duty is to protect children and see that they are safe, to give them miracles, to bring hope, to show them dreams. But the children are in danger! We are watching "Rise of the Guardians" animated cartoon. "Pumpidup" sponsors our popcorn. "Fairy, don t you see: we re trying to... Далее


We have a herald of our own in our ward! Mishanya always has a New-Year cap on his head, and every time when he meets someone announces how many days are left until the New Year. So, although there are quarantine measures, we will celebrate New Year! We are getting ready! 37 days left before the... Далее


Today, everyone has a set of anti-stress painting contours. Both kids and mums will be able to work with them. All the experts and research results assure us of the calming effect of such painting. The kids will be simply drawing with pencils, while the adults should know that painting within... Далее

Tasty Help.

For the kids in the ward the word "crisps" is an undesired word. And there are many reasons for it when medical treatment is concerned. This is a magic word, however. Apples are useful but have not so much magic when eaten. Today, we merged crisps and apples into apple crisps! Alina made... Далее


Today, Cinema day and we watch the cartoon "Vic the Viking". Maybe, it is not necessarily for Vic to become a Viking warrior as his father, but he really wants to. Moreover, it is necessary to correct everything that the magic sword has done. We travel with the Vikings! Sponsor of popcorn is... Далее

Delicious help.

Wednesday continues to be delicious! We are already used to milk croissants, oatmeal cookies, "ham-cheese" sandwiches and children are waiting for them. Moreover, the K opersh Bakery has already answered where you can buy their products, because, for example, Vlad likes their croissants. Thank you... Далее


There are some details prepared by Olga Tsirina. If you make a little effort and ingenuity, you can make an incredible beautiful ball. Today everyone has received the set and y ou can begin to collect all parts together. Here is the first toy for the Christmas tree!


Oleksandr has brought various fruits, and we decided to set up JuiceBar today. We are mixing tastes: apples, pears, tangerines, grapefruits, kiwis, pomme-grenades, bananas, lemons, and then drink the juice we got as a result. We do not restrain ourselves in experimenting! In addition, we choose... Далее


"What kind of smurf we are doing here?" Today is Cinema day and we watch a movie-cartoon about little good smurfs, tiny, charismatic and funny. But there is a very insidious magician Gargamel, who is constantly hunting for them. "The Smurfs!" The sponsor of popcorn is Pumpidup. Look where you re... Далее

Parents' Support.

Apply their capabilities to order drinks from Poland and send them to us with the words, "This is the wish of my Viktoriya. I never forget people s kindness. Let everyone be in good health!" Share their new clothes because there is an understanding that if it has become colder, not everyone got... Далее


Today, we make our choice from among great many diverse sets for creative work: string art, number pictures, scientific experiments, embroidery and sewing, puzzle figurines, weaving, modelling, sand frescos, pebble drawing, toys to be made of felt, postcard making, candle making, and everyone... Далее
Сортировка: Показывать новостей из 1779
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