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Today there is an opportunity to tell about the New Year s greetings we got from school students and from writers. We have books for presents, with wishes from the authors: Hanna Konazyuk, Lana Ra, Yevheniya Piroh, Serhiy Ukhachevsky. We are glad to have the warm words of support from students of... Далее


Of course, festive days are better spent out of the hospital but the treatment protool stipulates otherwise, so we ll do as they advise: if you can t change the situation, then change your attitude to it. You just have to get ready! It is not the impossibility of celebration that worries us but a... Далее


The feeling of joy must be there during the festive days. We are using the opportunity to strengthen the New Year s mood. We don t care if the temperature outside is above zero. This is not going to spoil the presents! Today, we receive a present from Nataliya Huba and her friends, so that we may... Далее


Year in year out, the quiet of Christmas is being more and more violated by ever brighter and louder celebrations. In order to bring the quiet and calm back, The Grinch resolves to steal Christmas: 223 houses, and just seven hours of darkness for the entire work. However, something goes not the... Далее

Tasty Support.

You cannot have too many delicacies! Today there not just pastries from "Kopershe" bakery is here but we also feast on gingerbreag, milk, apple crisps, tangerines, meringue, chocolate figurines. We are grateful for the New Year s mood, and we value care and the opportunity to have a minute of... Далее

Everyday Things.

Festive days, friends, and trust allowed us resolve some everyday problems in the ward. We have replaced dirt-repellent carpets by the doors, bught anti-vibration carpets to put under the washing machines, we put in a new washing machine, and renovated six settees. Thank you! There are no... Далее


Now, even creative tasks look like presents. Among the New Year s delicacies from Mariya Vertyhel there is a fir-tree that you can paint in different colors. Today, we go on in our festive mood with citrus jam, chocolate muffins, and Christmas cookies. Bon appetite, and don t forget about the... Далее

Fairy-Tale Days.

From today, starting with the St Nicholas s Day, we open a new bag with a task and make another step towards the New Year! Today, everybody got the New Year s game which suggests that you perform certain actions every day, and as the result you will have a New Year s garland! Take your steps,... Далее


We make ou festive mood even stronger: we are decorating the fir-trees in our ward! This year, we have to cope with this task on our own. But with such helpers, we are bound to cope! We lure them with delicacies from Oleksiy Panchyshchenko and Oksana Bodnaruk. Lights, balloons, sparks, fir-trees,... Далее


New Year s days are for the New Year s mood: we are watching the animated cartoon, "Arthur Christmas". This is not an easy business, to deliver two billion presents to kids in different parts of the planet, especially when the well-maintained service suddenly fails. We are sympathizing with Arthur... Далее

Good Running, Generous Run.

We thank our participants, good runners who organize their run to support our Fund in helping the patients of the children s oncology ward. Join the runs that have already been created with the sum you can afford! Inna Nevska... Далее


It turns out that when a person sees festive attributes, like a decorated fir-tree, garlands, presents, their brain s activity enhances. In other words, the New Year s mood appears when we see elements of this celebration. So we begin to create the New Year s atmosphere: today, everyone got a New... Далее


It is Thursday today, and we have our CineLobby. We are watching "Frozen II", a 3D computer-animated film. Elsa and Anna, with their loyal friends, go on a dangerous journey to learn the truth about magic skills and uncover important secrets of their past. Pumpidup is the sponsor of our popcorn. I... Далее

Delicious Help.

An active kind of help during the quarantine times is delicious help. Thanks! This is truly to the point: parents are not allowed to leave the ward; children are very demanding as to food during chemotherapy; delivery couriers cost a lot of money; and attention and care always augment your... Далее


There are 74 small details in the box. It is suggested that you assemble two different-type cars from them or a robot. Or you can also implement your own idea. Working on today s task we are developing our constructing skills, our hands motorics, logical thinking, attention, patience, diligence,... Далее
Сортировка: Показывать новостей из 1779
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