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Tea Time. 29-08-2019

Tea Time.

Tea parties - a format of useful communication in the department. Today, physiotherapist Anna Yatsuliak shares her experience - why a baby should lie right way, how to make long-term bed safe and comfortable, how to care and raise a baby safely for his or her health. The master class became... Далее
Clowns. 29-08-2019


Today our doctors were attentive to everyone while going on check-up visits, asking about what children like, teaching boys to give flowers to their mothers, giving children dogs as presents, even if the children asked for cats or dragons: it s just that cats and dragons resembled dogs. In... Далее
Drawing. 28-08-2019


We are drawing intuitively: right-hemisphere drawing. Tetyana Dubytska suggested a plot: a bowl with fruits. We have made the background in the shape of an arch as a symbol of support, imagined a bowl, and drew different fruits. At the spiritual level, the bowl and the fruits are symbols of... Далее
ArtStudio. 27-08-2019


Do you know how to sign greeting cards? Today, we both remembered how to do this, and learned to do it. The littlest kids do not understand all the protraction at all. "Oh, the postwoman will carry this to Grandma?" However, before determining the addressee, before inventing the words to write,... Далее
Art Studio. 26-08-2019

Art Studio.

Today with Svetlana Dobrokhanskaya we make mandalas. According to the mandala legend - it is a sacred symbol of the Universe. Most often, the mandalas are round and divided into parts that are associated with the world s sides. Step by step, we carefully wind the threads on the wooden sticks.... Далее
ArtStudio. 25-08-2019


Today with Marina Dmytrenko we create funny paper crocodiles. First, we outline the stencil and cut it out, then paint it as we like, and then connect the halves with colored paper. And because of the tricky middle, our crocodiles can even dance!
Photoshoot. 25-08-2019


Today with us again Elena Fokova with a photo session. Although it was not easy to be a model, as it turned out, everyone did a great job, faithfully following the photographer s advising. Therefore, we are looking forward to the results!
Art Studio. 23-08-2019

Art Studio.

Today, in the company with Lesia Maksayeva and Mila Olkhovik, we make bookmarks with colored paper. For creating the bookmark, we combine origami and applique. First, we twist, examine, and artfully bend a piece of paper so that it can be fixed to the corner of the book, then decorate with beak,... Далее
Clowns. 22-08-2019


Thursday is the day of hospital clowns: unique procedures, assignments, methods. Doctors can be recognized by their red noses! They consider very application and approach, and they are liked by everybody! They can make a nest of hair on their heads for sparrows (of course not for themselves), run... Далее
CineLobby. 22-08-2019


We have CineLobby today: watching an animated cartoon on big screen. We have a delicate, nice, soulful, and absolutely harmless animal with us today, weighing 900 kilos, Ferdinand the Bull. Plus cool purple hedgehogs, dancing horses, muscled bulls, aa slightly crazy yellow goat Lupe, and a red... Далее
Felting. 21-08-2019


Today, we have felting, with Valentyna Dubytska. We are making a colored bead from wool. We are already real masters in felting, thus today we are combining the techniques of dry and wet felting. First, we choose colors, then we form a ball with the help of a special needle, and then we bring the... Далее
Art Studio. 20-08-2019

Art Studio.

Today Inna Stepanchuk came to see us with workpieces of colored kittens. There are waiting cut silhouettes on the tables, even decorated with details! Under the guidance of the master, we make felt stuffed toys. We neatly sew halves, fill it with sintepon and decorate with a nice bow. To sew... Далее
Knots. 19-08-2019


Not everything is as easy as it seems at the first glance. If there is a desire then you have to work in order to complete it. These are exactly the conclusions that we arrive at at every class with Olha Lukash. Today, we were making bracelets from threads. The foundation is a square flat knot,... Далее
Art Studio. 18-08-2019

Art Studio.

Today Inna Stepanchuk suggested us to make a small pochette handbag. We work with a glue gun. There are zip and bright decor also. Here you can save documents, dear and important little things for your heart - you can easily remember where to look for what you put in such a bright handbag.
ArtStudio. 16-08-2019


As soon as they got to know that we will be making handgum, everybody got together real quick. Some people call handgum "chewing gum for hands". And it is true that handgum resembles chewing gum a bit, and also plasticine a bit, and also gum a bit, and a lot of other materials and substances. And... Далее
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