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Today, we are cutting out and folding roses petals, with Iryna. Our flower creation made of paper may be used as a decoration or as a present. Apart from producing something beautiful, we are also planning, modelling, training our patience, neatness, and imagination.

Art Studio.

If you want to make a pleasant, then a small gift will be an amazing idea. Heart, baby s palm - is already happiness. And now we take multicolored napkins, roll a ball and paste our handmade. We decorate, give to dry and we can gift after. Today with us is Olga Franco.


We are making an envelope with flowers, filled with candies: we are getting ready to season s greetings. Step by step, with Anastasiya Nederska, we are working on the paper thing. Folding, cutting, gluing, add compliments to the flowers, decorating, and filling with sweets. Nobody spared any effort!


Weaving the threads, we had not expected that this will result in such a charming rabbit. All the advice and instructions of Iryna Zinchenko were worth following from the very start. It was due to this that the necessary fluffiness formed, and all the threads were found. We put ears made of felt... Далее


Together with the characters of "Up" animated cartoon, we are going to Paradise Falls, traveling in a house lifted to the skies by innumerable balloons. The sponsor of delicious popcorn is Pumpidup! When problems are dragging you to the bottom, look up! This may sound senseless but it is stupid... Далее


With students of the UMSA Kyiv, we are making, from paper, the most beautiful and the biggest flying bird in the world, a peacock. We are cutting out its body, folding the tail in accordion-shaped manner, fixing details, and working on them further: the beak, eyes, legs, the crown. Everyone worked... Далее


Alyona Strekanova suggested that today we make a game of logic, noughts and crosses. and naughts. A square board is sewn with a small sack where figurines of noughts and crosses are stocked to be taken out when needed. The players put the figurines on the free squares of the board (one player... Далее


With Olha Lukash, we are making dogs of special wire. It is not clear at all in the beginning where you should bend the wire but as soon as one dog is made we start making another. We are absorbed with the process. We are even guessing the dogs breeds now. The wires are very easy to work with, it... Далее


It already smells of spring in the street, and Inna Stepanchuk helps us create tender butterflies. Their paper wings had been cut out of paper in advance, their bodies are ready, and what we have to do is to paint them, decorate, assemble a butterfly and attach legs and antennae. The butterflies... Далее


Tamias is a genus of chipmunks of the squirrel family. Although they have a characteristic coloring, this is not an obstacle for us. After applying paints and our imagination, the gypsum figurines of these animals acquired a bizzare look. Maybe these were not tamias at all? However, to neatly... Далее

Tea Party.

We are drinking tea with delicacies, talking aboit life, and drawing metaphorical cards with psychologist Kateryna Khlyvnyuk. We have our "Tea Party" today, a format of communication. And Tanya Sanni launched her author s course today in our ward. We are learning to look at the world in a new way.


Today is another regular visitation by our hospital clowns, Tosha and Misha. They saw that Masha has begun hospital practice. With Vlad, they decided to write a book, otherwise there s nothing interesting to read. They had to train smiling with Danylo, a reaction to the clowns arrival. The... Далее

Art Studio.

Exactly four years ago, Valentina Dubytska conducted her first "warm-up drawing" in the department. In memory, like that day, we draw a tree - we put wool strands on the base and framed it. Everyone came up with their own tree, and Valentina, through practical advice, helped to realize the... Далее


If you soak a thread in paint, put it on a sheet of paper, press it down wiyh the other side of the piece of paper, and drag it out with care, we ll have an interesting ornament. Different threads, different paints: we re growing fantasy, imagination, vision. Students from UMSA Kiev suggested such... Далее


Masters help us not forget about ourselves while we are taking care of children under treatment. Haircuts, manicure, eyebrow correction, henna drawing: this is not just caring about ourselves but also pleasure, help, support, attention, participation, charity. Thank you! The next BarberTherapy day... Далее
Сортировка: Показывать новостей из 1795
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