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Did you know that clowns can get sick too? And because of this, they miss visits to the Department. And we are sad. Today again we are glad to see Misha and Tata hospital rounds. Take care of yourself.


Tonight is a special and magical night. It was an ancient Gaelic holiday called Samhain, which later transformed into a Western tradition in Halloween. The Slavs called this - Veles night. At this time, the border between the worlds - our earthly and beyond - becomes thinner. Today is Halloween -... Далее


With Marina Kruk, we draw a pumpkin - wealth and prosperity symbol. As pumpkin is considered as a giant berry, so it should be imagined appropriately. Today we have an intuitive painting. Also, pumpkin is a powerful amulet for a home that absorbs negative energy and scares away the dark forces.

Art Studio.

Choosing a variety of natural materials, we glue the workpiece in the hedgehog form. There are cones, chestnuts, seaweed, some flowers, acorns, dried fruit, nuts, boxes, twigs...Form a hedgehog composition and get an unusual effect. Great job! With our Inna Stepanchuk, everything is possible.

Art Studio.

Today we have a master class with Olga Franko. We weave a flower with a paper vine. The newspaper, tightly twisted into a thin tube, became the material that replaced the stem. Today, a piece of paper has been turned into joy. Now we know what to do with waste paper.


We don t impose the celebration of a child s birthday in our department. This is only the parent s decision. This is only a kid s wish. But we always help to create a holiday mood and greetings. Alla Yakovenko is a volunteer-organizer of such moments. And today we are celebrating Amelia s... Далее

Art Studio.

Today we create our own finger theater. Our actors are made of paper and painted as we wanted. They aren t simple paper animals - they know how to move if to help them little with fingers. With such characters, you can invent a whole fairy tale!

Tea Party.

Today is a day of tea and talks. With us, Tatiana Dubinina and there is an opportunity to ask questions about pediatrics. The important topic was the subsequent vaccination after aggressive treatment, about the inhalations also, the doubts were dispelled. It s so good when there is an opportunity... Далее


Today we are drawing with Valentina Dubytska. But we draw with wool. We layout colored strands to get a flower - roses, dandelions, chrysanthemums, something unknown...but colored, bright and extraordinary. All of us are talented and so creative!


Together with the UMSA Kyiv Medical Association students, we work on a large hedgehogs family that is not easily cut, folded and stapled. Hedgehogs had run around the wards. Soon it is winter, they need to prepare for hibernation. This animal is endowed with folk beliefs with wisdom and healing... Далее


Today in the department a team of masters - haircut, manicure, eyebrow correction, mehendi, cosmetologist - anyone can choose the right procedure. Thank you for your skill, therapy, attention, volunteering, support, opportunity! Next Beauty Day is November 18th.

Fashion doll.

Yuri Shumansky, thank you for your support! Thank you for your continued opportunity to hold a charity lottery at the International Doll Show and Teddy "Fashion Doll". Amazing fantasy and creativity! We are grateful to our masters for the wonderful products that have become lots and pleased their... Далее

Art Studio.

Today, under Ekaterina Romanenko s leadership, we are trying ourselves in the role of designers and architects. A building scan is cut out of paper, we color it and glue a three-dimensional model. Thus, we gathered on the table a whole city with a variety of houses, trees, and even a bus! Also... Далее

Art Studio.

The colorfulness of an autumn tree can be very inspiring. We choose paper, felt, decor and come up with an applique. Unexpectedly, you can find an owl, a cat, an apple on an application. This beauty impresses with its beauty and creativity!


Video game characters who live in slot machines, Ralph and Vanilope go to the world of the Internet. They need to find one important thing without losing their friendship on the road and breaking the Global Network. Today we are watching the cartoon "Ralph Breaks the Internet". Popcorn Sponsor -... Далее
Сортировка: Показывать новостей из 1667
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