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Today, everyone has got a book. We are reading and safely going through different life predicaments, distracting ourselves from our own situations. You can also read in turns or read aloud. This way, we as if include communication in reading, add something, comment on something, discuss something.... Далее


For those who have desire to get interested in some work or get your kids occupied, we distributed new creative sets. For the time being, this is the only option to get the kids distracted during aggressive treatment while on quarantine. Drawing, felting, modelling: there will be enough work for... Далее


The quarantine makes the conditions of staying in the ward more acute. Today, we decided to get delicacies to everyone. Cretive sets will wait, let s feat on gingerbread and popcorn.


Over the weekend, we started to miss making different thingies, so today we are enthusiatically choosing creative sets. Some liked brooches made of wool, some will model houses from cardboard. Everyone has found an action to their liking, and everyone also boasted the results of their weekend... Далее


Another weekend is nearing, so we have to stock some tasks for those days. So we choose drawing and painting over. You think this is simple?! No way... Small details. cards, and even books! We ll be busy until Monday, that s for sure!


Our boys are twiddling one s thumbs today! For boys, there are reserved cars, robots, and puzzles for older boys. But the girls choose boxes with creative sets for every taste - someone will make soap, someone - magnets, and someone will weave jewelry.


In our department is Quarantine now, but that doesn t mean you have to twiddle one s thumbs! Today began to distribute creative sets - girls will learn different types of weaving and boys will make up 3D animals. Let s check soon who and what did!


With dense solid tumors, everyone needs surgery. Then many people need rehabilitation facilities - crutches, derotation boots, immobilizer tires, orthoses, compression stockings, sponges bandages. Together we choose models, modifications, sizes. Children use these things until they need it. Then... Далее


The Pediatric Oncology Department of the National Cancer Institute is quarantined until the end of March. Due to the coronavirus situation all classes, the activities and visits are canceled.


The festive gingerbread fair at the "Infopuls" Company has become a tradition. We are grateful for the opportunity to give joy and ghank the company s specialists for being active! Delicacies by Olya Ishchuk are as good as presents. Happy holiday! 15,070 hryvnyas collected.

Tea Party.

Today we are having tea with Kateryna Khlyvnyuk, and Olena Chynka is our guest. We feasted on cake with rea and talked about the importance of not giving up, about overcoming difficulties, and about believing in yourself. The conversation was exceptionally soulful and warm. We did not even want to... Далее


Today is the day of the weekly visit by the hospital clowns. Tosha has not wasted any time: they composed stories about princes from the glorious cities of Kiev and Mykolayiv, prepared for a journey to Turkey and selected swimming suits, sang a song to Vova the rehabilitologist, and even... Далее


Today, we are working on a sheet of white paper, using pencils, highlighters, and felt pens. Maryna Kruk is getting us acquainted with a new drawing technique, neurographics. We are contacting our inner space by means of drawing. The neurographic drawing process can create new neuronic links in... Далее


Today, we are cutting out and folding roses petals, with Iryna. Our flower creation made of paper may be used as a decoration or as a present. Apart from producing something beautiful, we are also planning, modelling, training our patience, neatness, and imagination.

Art Studio.

If you want to make a pleasant, then a small gift will be an amazing idea. Heart, baby s palm - is already happiness. And now we take multicolored napkins, roll a ball and paste our handmade. We decorate, give to dry and we can gift after. Today with us is Olga Franco.
Сортировка: Показывать новостей из 1763
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