Mother's Day.

8 May 2022

Due to the racist attack in Ukraine, Europe saw refugees from Ukraine who are self-sufficient, smart, with a sense of self-worth, with the ability to make decisions, and to act quickly. So - our mothers who went for treatment with the child - the same story. The vast majority of mothers are just like that! They are included in the treatment process as much as possible! They are well trained by our medicine state. They have to control the injections, the bandages, and they know how to do it for their child. They understand drugs, treatment protocols, the need for examinations, are able to find, negotiate, persuade, entertain the child, take care of themselves, be sacrificial, continue their work. And with all these skills, they amaze the hospitals' staff where they are now. You are extraordinary!
Happy Mother's Day, dear ones!
Peace to all of us! May the events of your life lead to well-being, love, wishes and desires fulfillment! Take care of your universe and everyone in it!

Photos made by children. With love to mom!

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