International Childhood Cancer Day

15 February 2020

They are strong, patient, courageous. They have found themselves in difficult situatuions threatening their lives. They deserve high-quality treatment with all the opportunities of examination and therapy, with all the dispensable materials, and preparations with proven efficiency. Treatment with respect, care, and support.
February 15 is the International Childhood Cancer Day.
We believe in the knowledge and skills of our doctors and nurses. However, the process is more diverse. Families should not build up debt, go begging, get humiliated while their children are being treated. A child should not wait in the queue for being hospitalized. Medics should just honestly perform their duties. If you are entrusted with treating a child, you should not send text messages, and speak with hints. Without parents' active search for sponsors, medics would be unable to apply their knowledge, make use of novel methods, develop their skills. A doctor should be interested in patients, whatever is the course of treatment. And parents should remember about mutual support, mutual respect, mutual responsibility, and about the fact that it is them who are primarily responsible for fulfilling doctors' recommendations, and for the support of their children. During treatment, everybody who is involved should not forget about the purpose of the entire process. They are strong, patient, courageous...

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