24 December 2020

Year in year out, the quiet of Christmas is being more and more violated by ever brighter and louder celebrations. In order to bring the quiet and calm back, The Grinch resolves to steal Christmas: 223 houses, and just seven hours of darkness for the entire work. However, something goes not the way The Grinch had planned. We have our CineLobby and the computer-animated film, "The Grinch"! 
Popcorn sponsored by Pumpidup.

It's all because we're friends. And if your friend asks you, don't question this, just help.   

- How's your business?
- Not bad. Whatever I don't sell, I can eat myself.

I don't know what's there in the cake but I saw Santa Claus. I'll go cut myself another slice.   

Another dangerous temptation is cookies. See how it lures with its aroma and pleasure. Tut-tut-tut, I said, shame on you! You shouldn't yield to... temptation...   

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