Annual Report 2020.

22 January 2021

By the beginnig of 2020, the Fund's accounts held 202,721.12 UAH. During 2020, the Fund's accounts received 5,913,903.12 UAH. Of this amount:
- 5,664,077.79 UAH
- 389.12 USD (12,396.71 UAH from the sale of hard currency)
- donations in kind to the tune of 237,429.62 UAH

Charity contributions from individuals and organizations 5,686,674.02 UAH.
Used for running the Fund within the bydget framework 309 ,798.90 UAH.
Used for charity activities 5,468,353.98 UAH.
The balance of the Fund's accounts as of 31 December 2020 was 293,756.20 UAH: project and earmarked money.

Over 2020, the Fund's accounts were used to pay for:

Purchase of medicines and medical goods for 53 children: 2,725,565.36 UAH.
Artificial limbs and implants for 14 children: 917,554.62 UAH.
Drinking water for the ward: 62,794.98 UAH.
Renatl of the telephone line for Room 301 of the children's examination office: 3,850 UAH.
Special nourishment: 38,929.19 UAH.
Medical examination of 8 children: 76,460 UAH.
Electrical surgeru tools for 4 children: 16,000 UAH.
Payment for radiation therapy for 3 children: 313,420 UAH.
Delivery of bioimplant for 2 children: 182,320 UAH.
Examination of donors' blood serum: 36,210.88 UAH.
Autotransfusion set with the reservoir: 9,300 UAH.
Payment for testing 484 people for COVID: 374,050 UAH.
Medical masks and caps: 7,260 UAH.
Payment for the isotonic solution for the transfusiology department: 1,508.70 UAH.
Payment for chemicals: 8,072.08 UAH.
Pillowcases for the children's ward: 3,537 UAH.
Vertical windowblinds: 21,733.92 UAH.
banking charges: 5,269.30 UAH.
Technical maintenance of printers in the ward: 900 UAH.
Valuation of non-residential premises for hiring an office: 3,500 UAH.
Repairs of the specialiazed Room 15 for autotransplantation: 593,878.72 UAH.
Repair works in the department of the National Cancer Institute: 72,000 UAH.

The Fund's public activity:

We offer information assistance and accompaniment for those who wish to provide the necessary individual targeted support to the ward's patients.
The Fund's radio show "A Minute of Kindness" at HIT FM and Radio ROKS radio stations helped collect money for the banking account of parents of 26 children to the tune of almost 3,048,458 UAH.
Cooperation with "Volya" Co. continued and strengthened; we are in their social project.

Cooperation with the Bubnovsky Center continued. After their treatment is completed and if doctors recommend so, the children's oncology ward patients may attend rehabilitation classes for free.

Cooperation with "Infopuls" Co. strengthened. .
Cooperation with the UMSA-Kyiv Association of students of medicine strengthened.
Cooperation with the Kind Challenge charity platform launched.

Hire of two-room apartment for families of the National Cancer Institute children's oncology ward continued. During 3030, 8 families made use of this opportunity. Two out of this number had to live there for long.
ВThe quarantine caused significant changes in providing social-and-psychological support for children and families in the ward. 41 creative classes were held, along with 18 events, 7 visits by hospital clowns, 23 CineLobbies, almost 2,300 creative sets, toys, and games handed out.

403 telephone consultations delivered during 2020, as well as 48 consultations in person by specialists of "Pallative Line" Project. Online format was used for holding one-day annual traditional meeting of parents who lost their childrem. To support grieving parents, 24 meetings and two creative classes were held online. To popularize palliative help, the Line;s specialists delivered two presentations at the conference of the Ukrainian Pediatric Specialities Academy, Prime Pediatrics 2020. Instead of annual internships, this year specialists attended online courses on nutritiology (nourishment of oncology patients), on anesthesia, and on palliative help under the coronavirus conditions.

In February, participated in the scientific-and-practical conference of young scientists of the National Cancer Institute.

In February, charity fair held at "Infopuls" Co.
In February, participated in the conference with the international partiipation of the Children's Oncohematologists' Association.
In March, charity fair held at "Infopuls" Co.
On March 6, quarantine introduced at the ward.
In September, participated in charity lottery at the International Exhibition, "Fashionable Doll. Hand-made, Business, and Hobby".
In September, participated in the master class of "Bila Ptakha" (White Bird) NGO in support of the annual festival for children oncology patients, "Joy".
In December, the annual event by staff workers of "Samsung" Co. continued, with greeting children in the ward on the New Year.

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