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Tea Party. 10-08-2017

Tea Party.

Today is the day for the "Tea Party" with Kateryna Khlyvnyuk: talking to each other in the presence of a psychologist, Conversations are easier with tea and cookies. And you should not keep silent about your thoughts, your doubts, your observations... We re learning the ecology of life.
Amazing Drawing. 09-08-2017

Amazing Drawing.

With Tetyana Dubytska, we set an aim for today: to draw a story with a boat in it. But even as we were able to draw the nature, like a bright sunrise or sunset, trees, and birds, it was already all amazingly beautiful. However, we did draw a boat, as everyone had a desire to reach the best! We... Далее
ArtStudio. 08-08-2017


With Kseniya Kryshtopa, we re painting ceramic forms. We now have exclusive vases, friendly turtles, and various figurines. Implementation of ideas with colors went successfully!
Animator. 07-08-2017


Spiderman is with us today, with games, tricks of magic, and unruly behavior... He was able to make our skeptics surprised! We also treated ourselves on melon and water-melon. Thank you, Alla Yakovenko!
StudKrab. 06-08-2017


Nataliya Lakiychuk planned to teach how to make simple flowers from paper. However, if we have such amazing flowers, we can also make bouquet greeting cards. Imagination has no limits, and every card reaulted in something original and irrepeatable. We really got carried away.
Charity Performance. 06-08-2017

Charity Performance.

On August 6, his birthday, Oleksiy Smolka, a Ukrainan actor, gave a charity performance, "What Men Keep Silent About, or Savage FOREVER". The 23,192 hryvnyas raised were donated to the department of children s oncology. Thank you for your concern, for your help, and for yur support for the... Далее
ArtStudio. 04-08-2017


And what if your summer is without a sea? Then, the sea has to be within us! Today, we have different pebbles and seashells of amazing shapes on our table. With Iryna Zinchenko and Olena Hromova, we re embodying our fantastic ideas in appliques with a hint of salt. Seashells, pebbles, glue,... Далее
Cinelobby. 03-08-2017


According to our tradition, we hold cinelobby today. We re watching a cartoon, "Sing". We laughed, we got inspired, we had daydreams! Don t let fear ruin your dream! A real dream is worth overcoming obstacles in a persistent way!
Handmades. 02-08-2017


Cylinders come in different styles. Today, Kateryna Khlyvnyuk taught us to make different animals from paper cylinders. It would seem this is just a run-of-the-mill strip of paper but use a bit of patience, and there are bodies, paws, and tails!
Secret Task. 01-08-2017

Secret Task.

With Tetyana Ocheretyana and Maryna Dmytrenko, bright flowers opened in our fingers and multicolored butterflies came to life. Today, we re preparing to an important and pleasant event, in secret. Every flower was made with best wishes. You will come across this 3D application in our futher news.
Amazing Knots. 31-07-2017

Amazing Knots.

Today, with Olha Lukash, we created a picture with a tree in blossom. The task was not simple. First, we strained threads over cardboard, and this became the foundation for our composition. Then, we shaped the tree s trunk out of colored threads. Then, we invented colorful flowers, and wove the... Далее
StudKrab. 30-07-2017


Mariam Sullivan holds a class with chalk today. It turns out that you can not only use chalk for writing on blackboards, for drawing on asphalt or on someone s back! We use glue to paint on wood and put powdered chalk on it, and we create a masterpiece! Voila!
Bicycle Marathon. 30-07-2017

Bicycle Marathon.

Samsung Electronics Ukraine stagred a social project, Samsung. Hope For Children . The event was held within the framework of the bicycle marathon, "The Caravan Of Friendship Of The Republic Of Korea And Ukraine" from 24 to 30 July 2017. The event was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of... Далее
ArtStudio. 28-07-2017


Today, Kateryna Khlyvnyuk taught us to make a woven doll. This doll is not just a toy: it possesses a sacral meaning and performs the function of an amulet. We made some pretty dolls today!
Quarantine. 27-07-2017


Today is the quarantine s last day. Ten children and two adults were hit by chickenpox. All of them went through their illness at their homes. Ten to fifteen children were at the department during the quarantine. We decided that if we could not hold classes we still could give out creative sets so... Далее
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