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Barbery. 17-06-2019


Today is monthly beauty day. On this day, the masters share their knowledge and skills for gifting children and their parents relaxation. Haircuts, manicures mehndi and aquagrim - everyone found something to amuse. Thanks for the opportunity to have rest and be well-groomed. We look forward to the... Далее
Father's Day. 16-06-2019

Father's Day.

Since this year, Father s Day has become a national holiday in Ukraine. Since this year it is officially - the third Sunday of June. Congratulations to fathers, which are reliable support and example for them children! Happy holiday!
Drumming. 16-06-2019


Today, along with Alyona Sukhorukova and Max Zabrodsky, we plunge into the rhythm. Together with various shakers sounds and drums, we play music games and receive prizes, joking and create music with our own hands. We liked it!
ArtStudio. 11-06-2019


This week requires up to three holidays. All those involved in these three events, play an important role in the life and child s treatment. Today we are preparing togreet free blood donors. On 14 June will be celebrated World Blood Donor Day. We preparing graduated words, insert our blood group... Далее
ArtStudio. 10-06-2019


Today with Katerina Khlyvniuk we are relaxing with paper. We create leaflets to greet those people whom we love. We work without any examples to give the will of fantasy. Flowers, butterflies, sequins and various inscriptions - do not stop fantasy!
ArtStudio. 09-06-2019


Today, we are creating stripy cutties. It turned out you can make a nice picture with the help of multicoloured stripes, some glue and cut out silhouettes. The colours that match well, finely cut stripes, and finally, chameleons and butterflies drawn with markers - it looks so well!
NiceNews. 09-06-2019


Yuliia Tahintseva, thank you for 4 hours of your professional life. Today, all who wanted could have face care: a mask, moisturizing, cleaning. 30 minutes to relax for everyone who felt like doing it. We enjoyed the present! To be continued.
NiceNews. 09-06-2019


We continue talking about health and beauty. Today, each department received coconut soap TM Maldives Dreams. The Ukrainian producer is very thorough about its products, and they started a new action: if you but some soap, another jar is given to children who are under treatment in the oncological... Далее
ArtStudio. 07-06-2019


Today with Irina Zinchenko and Alyona Strekanova we start preparations for the Dad s Day. From the proposed stencils, we chose the one that liked most of all and started to work on it. Colored paper, scissors and glue - spoil over the original postcards to soon beautify our dads! Create original... Далее
Tea party. 06-06-2019

Tea party.

Today we have tea party. For this time we chose muffins and cookies with predictions. Today there is not only talking with Katerina Khlyvniuk, but also desire for creatively work. We managed with all sorts of things.
New things. 04-06-2019

New things.

Blest Design Center - own studio, develops and embodies modern ideas, new design concepts and technological solutions for Blest sofa models. It is written on the company s website. We confirm! These sofas are designed and created specifically for the children s Department. Comfortable, homely and... Далее
ArtStudio. 04-06-2019


Today in the company with Katerina Khlyvniuk we tried ourselves as cats and bunnies. First, we cut the silhouette from the hard paper, then paint it with markers and decorate with variety of sparkles. When we managed with decoration - attach a wooden stick. Our mask is ready!
ArtStudio. 02-06-2019


Fishing - leisurely affair. Today s lesson is aimed at further work in the ward. With Olga Cirina we make rigs and start forming variety of cold-blooded ones. Cuted both prepared halves of the same species and glued together, using a little mystery - to catch the fish.
Promotion. 02-06-2019


Charity "Light of Hope" on the territory of the St. Michael s Golden-Domed Monastery becomes an annual event. Thanks for the third concert which was held for theFoundation "Crab" for young patients from NCI Children s Oncology Department. Thanks to our volunteers for master classes, aqua makeup... Далее
Guests. 01-06-2019


When friends from more than five companies join their efforts, kids receive wonderful presents. In addition, syringes and medicines have been brought for the ward. And they also displayed various games to be enjoyed for two hours. Congratulations on the International Children s Day! Also, everyone... Далее
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