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Charity Day. 09-12-2018

Charity Day.

December s second Sunday marks TheCharity Day in Ukraine. We sincerely thank everybody who helps us help! We sincerely thank all who have chosen charity for themselves, fod their companies, those who teah their children this way! Due to you, every family has hope and feels support.
Drums. 09-12-2018


Today, we were jamming in the company of Alyona Sukhorukova, Natalya Iskra, and Maks Zabrodsky. We beat the rhythm with the palms of our hands on jambo, played along on tambourines, and set the mood with shakers. We relaxed and bathed in the sea of pleasure. When we felt we ve had made enough... Далее
ArtStudio. 07-12-2018


New Year is near. So it s time to prepare fine greeting cards. We choosing cardboard and neatly cutting a circle in it. Then, we glue the foundation of a fir-tree bulb to it from the inside, and decorate it. If you combine your inventiveness, colored cardboard, sparks, and ribbons, you get... Далее
Tea Party. 06-12-2018

Tea Party.

We are having tea with cookies today and talking on life, with Kateryna Khlyvnyuk. Parents touched upon the topic of manipulations by children, and also of manipulations by grandparents. We tried, while choosing a subject to our liking, to search for a quality helping to overcome difficult... Далее
Volunteer Day. 05-12-2018

Volunteer Day.

Today, the International Volunteer Day is being marked. We in the children s oncology ward know very well who volunteers are. Volunteers come here every day. Thanks to volunteers, many good initiatives are happening here. Voljunteer work is not a job. It is a vocation. It is a mode of life and of... Далее
ArtStudio. 04-12-2018


We continue tour preparations for a planned event. And we do need amazing piglets for it. It was these very piglets that today appeared again in the ward. We are choosing paints and mixing them, and, with Alina Shalin, we make a special wooden pre-fab shaped like a piglet. Unusual drawing has... Далее
Knots. 26-11-2018


With Olha Lukash, we are making butterflies, fir-trees, small presents today: whatever is to one s liking. And some have managed to make several gifts! Our mums are apt masters, while the kids are eager to try and learn.
Aid. 25-11-2018


15 chairs are in the ward already, assembled by ourselves, and tested. We thank Liko-School for the present! The chairs are to make our everyday master classes more comfortable, as well as other events when you have to snatch chairs away from various rooms. The kids and their parents held the... Далее
Circus. 25-11-2018


We have an active day today! Missing trips out, we bided no time in getting ready for the circus. We admired the show of gigantic fountains: the arena, as if in a fairy tale, turned into a magic mirror-like lake. An amazing combination of the play of light, music, and water splashes, the acrobats... Далее
ArtStudio. 25-11-2018


After few days, winter will come, the season of warm mittens and fun on ice. So today, in the company of Nadiya Chmulenko, we are getting ready to face the cold! We neatly draw around the contour and cut the foundation out of colored cardboard. Then we take the glue-gun and start creating: sparks,... Далее
ArtStudio. 23-11-2018


The floor covered, easels with collectors installed, gloves on: we are ready to paint piglets! The symbol of the coming year, the piglet, is a wooden pre-fab now. And we are painting it in a special way, spilling the paint. An interesting experience to be repeated, as we plan to use the piglets... Далее
Tea Party. 22-11-2018

Tea Party.

We have our tea party with Kateryna Khlyvnyuk and Maryna Holub today. Not only tea and sweet eats are on the tables but also magazines, pencils, glue, and paper. Everyone is making their own collage, "My Dream" being the topic. Kids and their parents worked enthusiastically. And as today is also... Далее
Drawing. 21-11-2018


The right-hemisphere drawing is specific in that there is simply not "no can do" option! Diligently following Karina Kovalyova s step-by-step instructions, we are creating today a winter bird on a snow-covered branch. To begin with, you need to put color touches on the sheet of paper and then,... Далее
Barbertherapy. 19-11-2018


Every month, there is a day when masters come to the ward, and every person who wants to have a haircut, manicure, or a henna drawing, has those. Today we have our Barbertherapy! We thank the masters for the opportunity to be neat which they gave us. We expect to see you again on December 10!
ArtStudio. 18-11-2018


Frost and snow beyond the window lead to the thought that New Year is not so far away. So today we are preparing fir-tree decorations. Under Yuliya Volkova s guidance, we are covering wooden pre-fans with acrylic paints. New Year s fir-trees, shining snowflakes, and fairy-tale houses: everybody... Далее
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