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TeaTime. 04-04-2019


Today we have tea with Catherine Khlyvniuk. Our guests are - children s dentist with assistant from clinic "Doctor Zub". But we not only had tea and listened to the advice of professionals, brave children even allowed to look into their roots to check their teeth. Proper care, careful attitude to... Далее
Guests. 04-04-2019


Today we learn a lot of interesting things about the "Knyga Dobra", and we have personally opportunity to consider it, flip through and sniff. This unique book is printed on paper that has been stored for over a thousand years. The paper itself was made from cotton and herbs collected in those... Далее
Drawing. 03-04-2019


Today we draw waterfall with Marina Kruk. The hardest thing is to draw a waterfall so that it can be recognized! Here we have tried to do this today, drawing in the technique of right-sided painting.
ArtStudio. 02-04-2019


With due skills, you can make whatever you want from paper. Today, we are making crocodiles and dinosaurs, according to uor plan. Green. striped, and dotted: everyone tried to add something original while painting their reptiles. And, with the help of a little secret and artfulness of our hands,... Далее
Kind Tuesday. 02-04-2019

Kind Tuesday.

Kind Tuesdays continue! Today, we had the 16th #ДобрийВівторок (which is the Ukrainian for Kind Tuesday): six girls have registered in advance to give blood to patients of the children s oncology department of the National Cancer Institute. It gives us immense satisfaction that the Donor Project... Далее
Guests. 01-04-2019


Today, with felt-tips in our hands, together with "1+1" TV Channel, we are daydreaming. Some want to travel, some crave a computer, and some wish Mum would grant all their wishes. We almost ran out of paper describing all that we want!
ArtStudio. 31-03-2019


Together with Natalya Lakiychuk we are decorating, in the decoupage style, wooden figurines and things like key-holders, boards, cubes, and boxes. Without any haste, we are selecting serviettes and make a pretty thing for ourselves going through certain stages.
ArtStudio. 29-03-2019


To make a scale model with a volcano? Simple! To make a 3-D applique? We can do this as well. With students of the UMSA Kyiv Medical Academy you can imagine and create boldly! The kids were allowed today to realize all their ideas. We did like it!
Painting. 27-03-2019


We are having the right-brain painting today, under the guidance of Karina Kovaliova. We are painting rabbits. Our rabbits are looking at the starry sky. We had to make great efforts for the sky to be starry and the tiny noses looked up. All rabbits are really cute.
ArtStudio. 26-03-2019


It s high time to begin preparing Easter presents as we need a lot of them: such presents from kids bring joy to everyone. With Kateryna Khlyvnyuk, in the decoupage technique, we are decorating a wooden egg. We are using our imagination and learning to do this right. And another thing is that such... Далее
Barbertherapy. 25-03-2019


Everything blossoms come spring, so we are also diligently getting ready for the arrival of warm weather. A team of masters during the monthly Beauty Day are helping us. Inventive and complicated ornaments, neat eyebrows, orderly manicure, and beautiful hairdos: professionals are gladly sharing... Далее
ArtStudio. 24-03-2019


Under Inna Stepanchuk s guidance, spring daffodils made of special paper blossom in our hands. In order to make such a flower, you have to neatly glue petals one to another, fasten them to the stem, and add some green leaves. When several flowers are ready we decorate them with multicolored... Далее
Presents. 24-03-2019


Today, everyone in the ward and in the boarding wing received unique presents: a hand-made doll, a post card with words of support, and a small icon. This was a surprise prepared for us for us by Tetyana Balyk and orphans and children whose parents are stripped of their parental rights. Thank you... Далее
ArtStudio. 22-03-2019


With Alyona Strekanova, Mila Olkhovyk, and Lesya Maksayeva, we are making greeting cards with 3-D flowers. We aee learning how to make petals, how to shape a flower, lay out a composition and decorate the piece of work. We are enjoying the process of creation.
Tea Party. 21-03-2019

Tea Party.

Todasy is "The Tea Party Day". Olena Chinka is our guest. How to become happy after a tragedy. How to achieve the desired in spite of tears. How to give love that overfills you. Our converastions and stories are about these things today.
Сортировка: Показывать новостей из 1282
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