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Guests. 17-10-2018


We have a voluntary work day today. Workers of Shire Co. came and put our playground to order! We have built it as long ago as in 2006, with a bunch of sponsors, and we have been washing, repairing, and filling it periodically. It is evident that the playground is in demand. There was enough work... Далее
Show. 17-10-2018


It would seem that you can t play with a standard air balloon for long. But when it met the artful hands of Oleksandr Lysenko it becomes an entirely new phenomenon! He created a plethora of different things right before our eyes. A longbow with arrows and a minion, various flowers and animals of... Далее
ArtStudio. 16-10-2018


Golden and reddish leaves are seen out of the window, the autumn forest enticing you to enter it. Under the guidance of Valentyna Dubytska, we were painting a picture today, with wool, immersing ourselves in the forest comfort. From under the yellow, green, and red leaves, From under clouds and... Далее
ArtStudio. 15-10-2018


Not only zebras can be striped! We are making colorful butterflies and multicolored chameleons today. Matching colors, we are diligently cutting paper into very thin ribbons and gluing them on on the foundation. Then, we apply the pattern and draw additional details: some get curved antennae, and... Далее
ArtStudio. 14-10-2018


Daryl Krasnozhon arranged a delicious master class for us today. We learned how to apply white glazing and spread it according to contour, add shape and volume to it. Daryl could mix the needed color of paint right there. Everyone was brave in imagining. We were drawing a little hedgehog and a... Далее
ArtStudio. 12-10-2018


We are painting with watercolors on watercolor paper. Ksenia Kryshtopa suggested that we paint a deer calf. It lies in the leaves and is well hidden. Even the spots on deer calves have masking significance. They look like sun beams making their way through the leaves in the woods.
Tea Party. 11-10-2018

Tea Party.

Our "Tea Party" today had started with a tasty and beautiful cake from Kseniya Kryshtopa. . This was Kseniya s present to us on the occasion of her birthday. After tasting the cake and feeding it away to the kids, we talked with Kateryna Khlyvnyuk and Natalya Hromova. Today, we discussed our lives... Далее
Drawing. 10-10-2018


Autumn s colors enchant everyone. So Maryna Kruk suggested that today we draw an autumn lane. Everyone was inspired to enliven their work in their own way: silhouettes, animals, birds, benches. And the kids are already so brave in drawing that they were allowed to fantacise and experiment. We have... Далее
ArtStudio. 09-10-2018


We are moving pieces of paper this way and that, putting them together, cutting and slicing. We are making a figurine of a peacock. Colored paper, penciled ornaments, artful fingers, and some glue: the amazing bird is here. To finish the work, we attach golden ribbon and some other details to it.
Art Studio. 08-10-2018

Art Studio.

Autumn has come - time for orange leaves, red berries and other gifts from Nature. Today, students of construction and design came to us with crafts ideas. Under their guidance, we not only made the Autumn application, but also had the opportunity to feel like real designers, creating collections.... Далее
ArtStudio. 07-10-2018


Coffee beans, spread ribbins, beads, and sparks are in front of us on the tables. Today, together with Nadiya Chmulenko, we are making a fragrant heart, placing the coffee beans carefully one next to another on the cardboard. Everyone decorated their work as they would, and the pleasant smell of... Далее
ArtStudio. 05-10-2018


Every culture has talismans of its own, traditional images, and totems. Today, with Kateryna Khlyvnyuk, with thoughts of health, everobody is making a woven doll for their child. We are sharing knowledge about the traditions of making such dolls, about special features, and signs. Children used to... Далее
Cinelobby. 04-10-2018


We have our Cinelobby, and we are watching a cartoon, "Tangled". Of course you can get tangled in the 21 meters of magical golden hair, however the characters are, in addition, desperately looking for adventures. And they are being helped by the brave sniffer horse, Maximus, and Pascal the pet... Далее
Guests. 03-10-2018


Today, we got to know of both adventures of writing, illustrating, and publishing a book, and of adventures of characters from the book, "Two Grannies In An Unusual School, or A Treasure In A Cart". A Ukrainian children s writer, the author of this book, Larysa Nitsoy, is with us today. We looked... Далее
School. 02-10-2018


Now we can announce! The project got started to work. In the department of children s oncology of the National Cancer Institute, a project on school education in the technological lyceum Liko-School was launched. The training started in the framework of the "Right for Education" project and its... Далее
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