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Vistors. 19-06-2018


Today, we are welcoming special guests. They are wrestlers and athletes from the USA. The teams are here in Ukraine on a Christian and sports mission. Strong and dexterous guys showed some actions and gave us nice presents. Happy to meet you, come again!
Felting. 18-06-2018


Yesterday we were diligently making flowers, and today the bees have flown! Dry felting is not easy, you need to be really patient and hard working. Svitlana Marchenko guided us to making charming bees. A cunning look, small wings and neat stripes make our bees so pretty, a feast for the eye!
ArtStudio. 17-06-2018


Once you have lots of interesting things and a certain idea the creative work is exciting. Nadia Chmulenko guided us in decorating miniature buckets, creating flowers of candies and decorating them as we liked. So today, we have someone to greet with the holiday! It is the Doctor s Day and the... Далее
ArtStudio. 15-06-2018


After yesterday s thunderstorm, Lesia Maksaieva suggested having our summer mood back. The summer is impossible without the sun, butterflies and flowers. Today, we were making funny hats decorated with coloured butterflies and blooming flowers. Such a hat calls for a walk!
TeaTime. 14-06-2018


Today, we are having tea. We re talking with Kateryna Khlyvniuk about difficulties in treatment, state of children, and concern. A doctor who went through hard times of oncological desease. Inna shared with us her way, her thoughts, conclusions and discoveries. We were talking about the water, its... Далее
Painting. 13-06-2018


Today, we are having a right brain painting class. We are painting a feather of a magic Phoenix that makes wishes come true. Everyone painted a magic bird of their own, so first we chose a colour we liked, then we painted each feather thoroughly as Tetiana Dubytska recommended to do. We also... Далее
ArrStudio. 12-06-2018


We are working hard to meet our donors and tell them how we are grateful. We are working with threads, count holes, glue, decorate, cut out and make ornaments on special cards. We were diligent and making great efforts to make this beauty!
Felting. 11-06-2018


Today we felt bugs. We made it out of wool with special needles. What wonderful suns! Thanks for your mentorship, Svitlana Marchenko! By the way, the ladybugs live almost in every part of the Earth, but Antarctica and zones with eternal congelation.
ArtStudio. 10-06-2018


Art is, first of all, a self-expression. Today kids painted with balloons with Kateryna Romanenko. You cannot make mistakes in such painting as it is focused on self-expression and relaxation. Hence, we create our pictures with no examples, limits or remarks. We paint to enjoy the process and... Далее
Friday. 08-06-2018


We weave the stylish and simple bracelets of colorful cords with Olha Lukash. The usual cocktail tubes help us. How did we learn to do that? Well, Olia taught us and treated with tasty strawberries.
Movie Theater. 07-06-2018

Movie Theater.

We have a Movie Theater today. We watch PLOEY: You Never Fly Alone . The movie is about a little plover chick Ploey and a solitary partridge Giron. Fate threw them together when Ploey couldn t fly south, because he lost his flock. Ploey persuades strange and constantly mumbling Giron to show him a... Далее
ArtStudio. 06-06-2018


Today we have a fish-day. With Maryna Dmytrenko we make colorful fish that boast its beautiful scales and bend their fussy tails. Of course, we had to work hard to paint very small patterns. However, when did it terrify us?
ArtStudio. 05-06-2018


World Blood Donor Day is in a while. That is why we make greeting cards for the donors in Kateryna Khlyvniuk s company. We decorate the colored sheet with scrill shears, spangles and flowers, write the warm words as wishes. We take our time in order to enjoy the process. Everyone acts out... Далее
The performance. 04-06-2018

The performance.

Oscar and the Lady in Pink is not a usual spectacle. It will leave nobody indifferent. A full house of standing ovation. Everyone is leaving with the tears on their eyes. The history about dying of a 10-year-old Oscar touches the deepest soul and calls for the emotional feedback. 33, 085 hryvnias... Далее
The show. 04-06-2018

The show.

Birthday means having fun, antics, presents, and, of course, sweets! A wonderful young man decided to celebrate his 16th birthday and share the holiday with us. We need to share all the happy moments, don t we! The celebration went splendidly. Guests played with the soap suds, tasted delicious... Далее
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