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The Garden Of Eden. 24-06-2017

The Garden Of Eden.

We are in "The Garden of Eden"! Merry parrots, multicolored birds, lizzards, a crocodile, turtles, a chameleon and other animal wonders met us. We experienced special features of rain forest and used the opportunity to walk through one of Europe s biggest botanical gardens. We re breathing fresh... Далее
Ultrasound In The Department. 23-06-2017

Ultrasound In The Department.

After several years of collecting money for the payment for repairs, the movable ultrasound examination device is back in our department. Changing the matrix cost 137,000 hryvnyas. Everybody values the comfort of having this wonder. We hope they will cherish and look after the device. We that... Далее
ArtStudio. 23-06-2017


We re making amazing flowers in the technique of 3D application, weaving petals, decorating them with sparks, inventing other things. Mila Olkhovyk and Lesya Maksayeva devised this task today. We re coping!
Tea Party. 22-06-2017

Tea Party.

We re having tea: this is a format of talking to parents and parents talking to parents in the presence of a psychologist. Mind you, tea and cookies were not the main ingredients. We have guests from LAtvia today: paediatrician Diana Fridrikhsone and dietologist Inga Sirina. We re talking about... Далее
Amazing Drawing. 21-06-2017

Amazing Drawing.

Today, on the summer solstice, with Tetyana Dubytska, in the technique of right-hemisphere drawing, we created a bouquet of medicinal herbs. Having closed our eyes, we went in our thoughts to a blossoming meadow where everyone chose herbs for their bouquets. Every bouquet contained the curing... Далее
Puppet Show. 20-06-2017

Puppet Show.

Today, we re saving a gosling from a sly fox. The "Kasper" puppet theater is on a visit to us, with the interactive puppet show, "Dorofiy the Hooligan". We laughed so much! And it was interesting to see how puppets were coming to life! We thank Kateryna Donska-Kvich and Tayisiya Lamanhi for the... Далее
Amazing Knots. 19-06-2017

Amazing Knots.

With Olha Lukash we are making knotted bracelets today. If you put knots in the right order you can make a beautiful decoration. Today, everybody was able to complete their work by themselves. And some took more threads in order to strengthen their skills with another bracelet. Such hand-made... Далее
Quilling. 18-06-2017


Today, we have a special application! We are twisting paper ribbons with Kateryna Romanenko. This is called quilling: the art of making compositions from long and narrow pieces of paper, twisted in spirals. It is a carrying-away thing for which there are special pieces of paper, machines, and... Далее
Father's Day. 18-06-2017

Father's Day.

Today, we have an opportunity to celebrate, with many countries, the Father s Day. So far, this holiday has not been decreed in Ukraine at the state level, so you have chances to show your lave and care for the dearest person both in summer and in autumn. Dads who were at the department received... Далее
Congrats On The Holiday! 18-06-2017

Congrats On The Holiday!

Congratulations on the Medic s Day! Wishing you health, peace, and wellness! Thank you for your hard devoted work!
Barbertherapy. 16-06-2017


As is known, beauty will save the world! So, Tetyana Farovych, Kseniya Siukha, Yuliya Kosheva, Oksana Romanenko, Olha Tsybulska, and Lyudmyla Karasevych were creating beauty: they painted nails, drew mehendi, made hairdos, and brow correction.mand while they were tending to mums, Liana Sarkisyan... Далее
MovieLobby. 15-06-2017


We re watching an animated cartoon, ""Up!", on big screen. We laughed our bellies out! Both children and adults like such viewings very much. When problems are pulling you down, look up!
Donor Day. 14-06-2017

Donor Day.

Today is the World Blood Donor Day! The Day of those who give their blood for free! Dear donors, your role in the life of little patients of the children s department of the Cancer Institute is simply priceless: you are saving their lives! We thank you!
StudKrab. 14-06-2017


Today, with Tymofiy Shcherbiy, we were greeting our donors! With scissors and glue, we created 3D greeting cards containing hand-written words of warm gratitude and sincere wishes from everyone.
Knotted Batik. 13-06-2017

Knotted Batik.

Today we got to know about an interesting technique of dyeing of fabrics. The knotted batik technique came to us from India. With the help of buttons, threads, and various knots, an original ornament on fabric is created. Every piece of work turned out to be unique and special. Together with... Далее
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