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ArtStudio. 20-02-2018


In the company of Maryna Dmytrenki, Liza Faktorovych, and Valeriya Pavlik, we are painting on glass and playing football. The pseudo-stained glass technique requires a lot of diligence and patience. First, you have to put a picture on glass with a special contour. Then, you dry it and fill the... Далее
ArtStudio. 19-02-2018


Oleksandra Verkhovtseva suggested that we make a pet during her class, using paper. And we mmade several, from special prefab models, using scissors and glue. Hamsters, hedgehogs, mice, and even a frog became our pets. Not only they look like live animals but are also anti-allergic!
Scientific Magic. 19-02-2018

Scientific Magic.

Today, we had an opportunity to visit the ice realm. Magician Roman Yarosh came to us, with his laboratory. We were fascinated to watch the magic show; we tamed fire in the palms of our hands, we immersed ourselves in a fog veil, and we even tried on wigs made of fog, and saw how a rose transforms... Далее
ArtStudio. 18-02-2018


Waiting for the warm weather we are making small bunches of first spring flowers. Yevhenia Nakonechna proposed to create some spring mood with the help of coloured paper. In addition, we are having some fresh fruit juice, upon the action called Fruit Day from schoolchildren of European Collegium,... Далее
Fruit Day. 17-02-2018

Fruit Day.

The European Collegium, the kindergarten Little Europe and School186 decided to participate in the International Childhood Cancer Day. They showed their support in the action called Fruit Day, when each brought a fruit for the patients of the children s department of the National Cancer Institute.... Далее
Guests. 16-02-2018


When Tasha Shapiro comes to visit us you should not miss a second! Today, we are making soap of different colours, flavours and shape. We can also put on aqua make up, entertain ourselves with balloons, choose a textile hat and stripe, eat some tasty pie and fruit. We do not need a reward to have... Далее
Winners of Okhmadit. 15-02-2018

Winners of Okhmadit.

It is the second year when dedicated to the International Childhood Cancer Day, gather those who had bone marrow transplantation at the department of BMT at Okhmadit, the Centre of Oncohaematology. They prove by being alive that BMT in Ukraine is possible, the professionals of the Centre are... Далее
Puppet Show. 13-02-2018

Puppet Show.

Today, our guests are the puppet theatre called Casper. The performance is about the Leaping Princess, the adventures of the Prince and the intrigues of the Evil Wizard and Baba Yaga. We are excited watching the heroes to get alive in front of us, giving an ocean of emotion and laughter. After the... Далее
Magic knots. 12-02-2018

Magic knots.

Today, guided by Olha Lukash we were making a bracelet of threads. Coloured woolen threads, tightly made into knots, a lot of patience and diligence are the guarantee of the future beauty. We had to work had to made each element, but the result is really worth doing it!
ArtStudio. 11-02-2018


The Valentine s Day is coming soon, and it is a nice reason to greet those we love. Guided by Nadia Chmulenko, we were making small presents today. First, we chose a semi-prepared figures to our taste, then colours, and very neatly coloured them. Then we made a special box of coloured cardboard,... Далее
ArtStudio. 09-02-2018


We use the stained-glass schemes to paint with acrylic paints on the canvass! Iryna Zinchenko invented such a thorough and creative activity for us.
TeaTime. 08-02-2018


We are talking about children manipulating while being medically treated. We talked with the psychologist Kateryna Khvyliuk during the TeaTime.
ArtStudio. 07-02-2018


Today were making galloping horses. Using some paper, glue, and threads we made horses. We made them gallop with the help of our fingers.
ArtStudio. 06-02-2018


Iryna Zinchenko proposed us to learn an old technique of making Christmas tree decorations of cotton. We have some pieces of cotton of different colours, faces made of salty dough and wire base. On the table there is some toilet paper, glue, brushes, and sequins. Some imagination, skills and... Далее
ArtStudio. 05-02-2018


Together with Mariam Salivan we made an extraordinary collage. Thinking a bit each of us made a decision about the idea of the future picture, took a pencil and started working. It was not only beautiful but also very pleasant to touch since for the texture we used not only usual materials but... Далее
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