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Bead weaving. 09-10-2017

Bead weaving.

Seed bead to seed bead, masterful stitches, a bit of diligence and assiduity; plus some desire, good mood, do some magic and here we have a miraculous creature. Olga Lukash helped us to study the scheme and supervised the creation of a little crab, counting of seed beads. Bead weaving is not an... Далее
ArtStudio. 08-10-2017


Today we were architects and landscape designers. Kateryna Romanenko taught us to build the city of well-being. We painted and decorated various parts of a house, then cut out and glued these together. The city appeared to be wonderful, full of colours and a great mood as were treated the class... Далее
ArtStudio. 06-10-2017


It turns out that improvised materials are the great choice to make wonderful frames of different shape and size to any taste. Karyna Khlyvniuk helped us to make and decorate frames with our own hands and some ribbons, shellfish and even stones and corks. Fantasy has no boundaries and definitely... Далее
Cinematic lobby. 05-10-2017

Cinematic lobby.

We have arranged a cinematic lobby. Now we are watching an animated movie Rise of the Guardians . The Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, the Sandman, Santa Claus, Jack Frost all children s dreams and fantasies exist until those are believed in. This very belief will always help to beat Pitch. Let s... Далее
Magnificent painting. 04-10-2017

Magnificent painting.

Tetyana Dubytska trained us to paint landscapes reflected on water with the help of a special technique called drawing on the right side of the brain. A place near the river, where you can relax, have a rest and acquire new strength. Somebody depicted night, others evening, day or morning. Each... Далее
ArtStudio. 03-10-2017


Today the whole place was occupied by large-toothed fish! Though the teeth were really sharp, our piranhas were just charming. Red lips, foxy eyes, shiny scales could satisfy any taste, some of the fish had golden teeth. We created, laughed, made jokes with Maryna Dmytrenko.
Warm drawing. 02-10-2017

Warm drawing.

Svitlana Marchenko helped us create an autumn landscape. Combining some multi-coloured skeins of woolen threads we createdan a special atmosphere of our picture. Some of us had an autumn wood with hedgehocks and mushrooms, and others had a cosy little house under a birch tree. All works of art... Далее
ArtStudio. 01-10-2017


Today we had some flying visitors. Yevheniia Nakonechna trained us to make paper owls. Our owls were just beauties. Webbed bellies, colourfu wings, long eyelashes and nice ears, shiny decorated - you just can t get your eyes from them!
ArtStudio. 29-09-2017


Tonight, we are having a fancy-dress ball. We made masks for the ball together wtih Iryna Zinchenko and Lesia Maksaieva. We cut, glued and decorated. Each of us created a unique image. These were our mysterious entertainments today!
Visitors. 28-09-2017


It is a music relaxation evening today. We listened to country music, blues and rock-n-roll on harmonica, ukulele and banjo! They were well-known compositions by Elvis, Willie Nelson and Trisha Yearwood. Thanks to Memphis Belle band for a nice time!
Amazing knots. 27-09-2017

Amazing knots.

Olha Lukash s classes are for the willing-minded and persistent! Making knots we create an autumn bracelet, as if decorated by real autumn leaves. All want to have such a bracelet, though not everyone is ready to work so hard.
ArtStudio. 26-09-2017


Maryna Dmytrenko and Yuliia Hunko trained us to draw ginger cats in a technique of punctualism. To use this technique you should be chair glue and extremely patient, the picture is created of small dots and strokes. Colours on the picture are mixed thanks to the optical effect, it seems that the... Далее
Hair-style therapy. 25-09-2017

Hair-style therapy.

Today we are having a day of beauty! It is a day when each mommy finds some time for herself. Today, we were making hair-style and hair-cut, polished nails and dyed eye-brows, made mehendi and tatoos, even massage for fingers and face! Each of us found a nice thing to please ourselves. Then we... Далее
ArtStudio. 24-09-2017


You do not have to look for a reason to please somebody you love with a nice card. Today, Maryna Dmytrenko showed us how to make wonderful cats of fabric, decorate them, glue on the cardboard, and write some warm words. We made such amazing cat cards!
ArtStudio. 22-09-2017


Today Tetiana Maryniak trained us to make little octopuses. We needed to count threads, have them braided, using our imagination. We glued small eyes, fixed hats and here they are! our wonderful little gentlemen and ladies!
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