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Visitors. 08-02-2019


Today Serhiy Tanchynets was singing for us. The front man of No Limits band sang his own songs. Oleksiy Berezhnyi played the guitar, though he is a percussionist of the band. We enjoyed the sound, the voice and the guitar, and were singing along.
TeaTime. 07-02-2019


Today we are having tea with Kateryna Khlyvniuk and talking openly. Our visitors today are bikers! Questions and answers, life stories... The interesting men are sharing their amazing experience. We are also having some pizza from Pizza Veterano, apples from Serhiy Pedorenko and a cake from Olena... Далее
ArtStudio. 06-02-2019


Today we are mixing the fruit, making and creating. With Kateryna Khlyvniuk we make applications, create furniture for a doll, realizing our ideas. We are also drinking juices in our Juice Bar. Any combinations of apples, oranges, tangerines, kiwi, and carrots are here to our choice. You can also... Далее
ArtStudio. 05-02-2019


Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year. We are celebrating it with home made marshmallow and coloring wooden figures with Aliona Strekanova and Lesia Maksaieva.
Knots. 04-02-2019


Today we are doing a very crafty thing: we are making knots, and put some beads together and plait the bracelets. Olha Lukash has us intrigued. Only those who are determined, diligent and smartest resist the pressure of this difficult task.
Visitors. 03-02-2019


The language school Study Hall is visiting us today. A team of teachers organized learning English through playing games. We ciphered the names of months, played crocodile, guessed the names of seasons choosing objects with our eyes closed, and created our own planet playing A Little Prince board... Далее
ArtStudio. 01-02-2019


Kateryna Khlyvniuk suggested us making a doll to play with. First we should decide if we want to make a boy or a girl, and them start creating the image.
CinemaHall. 31-01-2019


We are watching Ozzy on a big screen of our Cinema Hall. Eating popcorn from Multiplex Cinema Theatre we are excited by the escape of the dog named Ozzy from a luxurious spa-hotel for dogs, which appeared to be a real prison for dogs. Adventures, new friends and return to a loving family, and... Далее
Painting. 30-01-2019


Today we are having right-brain painting class with Tatyana Dubitskaia. We are drawing a white bear cub watching the Northern Lights and making a wish. Today we are like a white bear cub! Let our dreams come true!
ArtStudio. 29-01-2019


Even the most charming have sharp teeth and know how to show them. Today we are drawing fish and hedgehogs, but our animals are not simple - they are creatures of character and can stand up for themselves. Cleverly folded sheet of paper, some imagination and diligence and we are ready to scare... Далее
Cirulotherapy. 28-01-2019


Today we are having our monthly beauty day. For the first time this year, the stylists came to see us and share their skills and abilities. Hairstyles and haircuts, manicures and shiny stickers, detailed mehendi these are the elements of a fantastic therapy. Thanks, girls! We are looking forward... Далее
Gifts. 28-01-2019


How nice to receive gifts... to untie a ribbon, to break a wrapper and then, open the box with trembling, not even imagining what is waiting for you, especially if it happens on an ordinary day, when you do not expect a surprise. But why wait for the holiday to have some joy and get gifts? Every... Далее
ArtStudio. 25-01-2019


Today, we are shaping a fence and decorating it with a spring composition. Iryna Zinchenko, Alyona Strekanova, Inna Stepanchuk suggested us work with felt, floral decoration, bright colours and spring mood. Today, even ladybugs pleased us.
Tea Party. 24-01-2019

Tea Party.

Today, we have guests from the National Olympic Committee at our "Tea Party": Olympic prize winners Viktoriya Veselova, Alyona Pakholchyk, Olena Krasovska, Yuliya Prokopchuk. We are all having pies, delicacies, and tea, and they are sharing their reminiscences about their roads to victories.... Далее
Drawing. 23-01-2019


We have right-brain drawing with Marina Kruk. Today we are depicting our Angel, who is our protector. Using soft and bright colours children are creating strong and delicate character. Some of them, in addition, got angel figurines.
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